Apple Is Planning To Make iDevices With Recycled Apple Materials

Apple is gradually focusing on eradicating the need to mine materials for designing the iPhones and gadgets and use e-recycle technology. It will make iDevices from e-recycled Apple materials. That’s what the tech giant said in its annual environmental report on 20th April. According to the Apple researchers, they will bring the aluminum for iPhones from the e-recycled Apple products.

The reason is, they need high-grade aluminum for the iDevices. It’s not always easy to get high-grade aluminum. Thus, Apple is also asking customers whether they want to return their used Apple products for recycling. If you are not using any Apple gadget, then you can contact the official website/helpdapple-is-planning-to-make-idevices-with-recycled-materials-85236esk of Apple.

Right now, Apple didn’t disclose the number of e-recycled products they are currently planning to take for creating the next iPhone models. For the tin, the company also has an existing supply of recycled tin which meets the company’s standards. The target is to end mining one day. According to a senior analyst at Greenpeace, the commitment of Apple to use 100% recycle material is ambitious. It also focuses on reducing the resource consumption and the e-waste which causes a significant impact on environment and health.

Samsung already took the approach of e-recycling its products

Samsung already took the same approach for the Galaxy Note 7. They recycled the Note 7 smartphones for safety reasons and they are going to manage the stockpile in an eco-friendly manner. They also recalled 4 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because of the battery overheating issues. In this issue, Greenpeace analyst urged the tech companies to design products which will last for a long time.

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E-Recycled products are easy to prepare and repair. Apple is already investing heavily in green energy for operation and they are saying that 96% of the electricity for the global facilities comes from renewable sources. The new campus of Apple also known as the spaceship campus, is also powered complexly by renewable energies. We are hoping in a very short time Apple will no longer have to rely on mining metals and toxic rare earth materials for making the iDevices.

Apple already did an experiment on e-recycle

Apple also mentioned they have a few schemes in place for recycling its materials. In this eco-friendly attempt, Apple has developed Liam. Liam is a line of robots capable of ripping apart the previous Apple models left out by people. These robots can quickly determine the reusable components after cutting them apart.

The company also claims these bots are capable of ripping apart 2.4 million phones in a year. According to Apple’s VP of the environment, Lisa Jackson, “We’re actually doing something we rarely do, which is announcing a goal before we’ve completely figured out how to do it.” It will need a lot of collaboration with multiple Apple teams, suppliers and e-recyclers.

As an experiment, Apple already melting down the aluminum enclosures recovered by Liam from the iPhone 6. They created Mac Mini computers from the e-recycled iPhone 6 materials and Apple uses them internally. They wanted to see whether it was possible to use their own e-recycle method for building new products and now they are looking for opportunities to expand it.

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