Apple launched iWatch Series 2 pricing $269

It’s not been more than 18 months that [highlight] Apple Inc [/highlight] . started shipping their iWatch, and today they have already achieved #2 position in the list of smart watch manufacturers. In response to the support they gained all over the world Apple decided to launch its series 2 iWatch this September 7 in San Francisco. Apple declared that the new series is completely re-engineered for a much better design and performance.

Here is why you may want to get Apple’s new iWatch:

Health and Fitness

The new series 2 iWatch is water resistant for 50 meters, now you can wear them whenever you are swimming or simply playing in the water. Apple conducted various tests and researchers to confirm the validity for their statement, they even put their invention to test for whole 24 hours in a day paddling in the water. The new series 2 can count the number of laps you have covered, calculate the distance and even shown you your calorie burn rates.
The inbuilt GPS functionalities the series 2 iWatch can accurately calculate your running speed and distance covered by the user moreover, it does not need any other device to function, you can just move out with your outdoor workout partner and start your routine. The watch can also show the analysis done by it, like your average pace for running, the map of the locations you run across with specific running rates with all other details.

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The new Advanced Technology

Apple has been continuously improving its smart watches by adding new technologies and hardware supports. In the new series 2 watches, Apple has introduced a fresh “S2” microchip which makes it 50% faster in comparison to the series 1 watches. The newly added GUI processors have enabled the watches to show great detailed information on the screen with better graphics quality. The series 2 watches are also 2x brighter than the series 1 which helps to view the information on the watch even on a bright sunny day.

The all new iOS3

Apple has added a great performance boost features in the new iOS 3 for the series 2 watches. It also has a pre-installed app called “Breath” which suggests the user for doing deep breathing exercises for stress removal and a healthy routine. With iOS3 we can stay motivated as the watch would provide full connectivity to our friends and relatives, the watch would keep us updated about their recent work plans which would help us keep going.
The new series 2 starts at $369 and their new ceramic collection which is known for its efficient design and structure starts from $1249. The series 1 iWatch that has been upgraded to a notch higher by using Dual core processors in the series 1 just like series 2 now cost around $269.

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