Apple To Start Selling Made In India iPhones This Month

Finally, the wait is over. It is official that Apple will start selling the Made in India iPhones in the next two weeks. Apple decided to sell the 4-inch iPhone SE in India. Initially, they will sell in small numbers to check out the sales market and demand in India. If the sales figures are good, then the company will carry out the making iPhones in India and sell them in huge numbers. Apple said in a statement that they would ship for the domestic customers at the start. If Apple can sell out the iPhones in India on a huge scale, the company will make billions of profits from here.

Made in India iPhones will make India the second largest smartphone market

In this year, there are chances that Made in India iPhones will surpass the US smartphone market. India might become the world’s second-largest smartphone market. And this is why Apple is targeting India to grab a bigger piece of the action. The primary dominator in the Indian smartphone market is Samsung.

Samsung phones sell in such huge numbers because they have got smartphones with standard specs in all price ranges. But Apple iPhones are comparatively higher in price. Thus, a significant section of the Indian people is not interested in buying Apple phones, because they are getting the better specs at the same price. The Chinese brands like Oppo and Vivo are also becoming popular.

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The fate of Apple in Indian smartphone market

After a lengthy discussion with the Indian government and after a visit of Tim Cook last year, the company set up the manufacturing base in Bangalore. Since production process took place in India, we are hoping that Made in India iPhones will come at a lesser price. Apple also reduced the price of imported iPhone SE this year from 39000 INR to 22000 INR.

So we might get the manufactured iPhone SE’s at around 12-15K INR. India is the third country that makes iPhone. iPhone SE is the most powerful and popular phone that you can have in 4-inch size. The sale of iPhones grew 50% in 2016, and because of the 4G rollout, the sale increased so much.

Apple is not the only company to assemble smartphones in India. How high the sales will be and how quickly they can expand, will depend on how they navigate the regulatory challenges. This time the iPhone SE will come with the better A9 processor, 12MP camera and a secure chip which allows the users in using the Apple pay.

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