Apple Offers Eye-Soothing Night Shift To MacOS

Apple released the first developer beta version of MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 today. The update will be available to all the users very soon in the coming weeks. The new update will not have many changes, but it will have a significant change for the users. The Apple Night Shift feature, it will help you to adjust the color temperature of display in certain hours.

So that you can have a comfortable sleep and your eyes are not strained. The feature will make screens soothing to the eye during late hours, and it won’t hamper your sleep after work. It was released in March of 2016 in iOS 9.3, but it was not included in iOS 9 or iOS 10. The feature will come out in early 2017.

Here is how the Night Shift feature work

You can schedule it between the sunset and sunrise, or you can also schedule it at any other time. You will have options to adjust the warm color temperature during Night Shift. The warmer you set it; the more energy device will lose. You can manually enable it for a day. This functionality is available for Mac; you cannot see the manual degrees when you change the color temperature. You can turn it on or off from the notification center.

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The new smartphones from Google like the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL also included a Night Light feature on their phone. There is also a “cool color temperature” feature in Android 7 devices, but finally, it was not a part of Nougat. Well, it’s not like the Mac users didn’t have any option of adjusting color temperature. In 2009, a small company known as F.lux created an app for changing color temperature in Apple and Mac devices. The app is still available. It also shows the Kelvin degrees at different hours.

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Additional features in MacOS 10.12.4

The Night Shift feature for presented in MacOS Sierra will reduce the blue light emitted by your device screen. It will offer the complete screen with a yellow color in the evening to prevent your eyes from strain and help you get a good sleep. For now, the Sierra 10.12.4 is available to the developers, but Apple will soon make it public with the 10.3 beta update. The Night Shift feature has the capacity of automatically adjusting the colors of the screen according to the time of the day. If you keep it on auto-schedule, the display will return to the normal colors in the morning. There are also other features in the MacOS 10.12.4. These include:

  • Dictation support in Shanghainese
  • Ask Siri about cricket scores, schedules of matches and rosters. Siri knows the cricket statistics from IPL and the International Cricket Council.
  • You will get an updated PDF Kit APIs for the better display of PDFs in apps which use the framework.

How to use the Night Shift?

To use the Night Shift on MacOS, you have to go to the displays. It is the third tab, and it features much more options than you got in iOS previously. On iOS settings for Night Shift is present in the Settings App with the quick toggle facility. You can access it from the Control Center. On the Mac, the setting for night shift is in Display Preferences pane available in System Preferences.

The notification center also comes with a quick toggle feature to activate or deactivate the night shift manually. The developers can test the app right now, but an exact date for release is not yet known. It might be the time to say goodbye to the F.lux app because it was a bit buggy. The app might live on Android, Windows or Linux.

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