Apple Revealed A Smart Way To Take Down Amazon Alexa

Apple wants you to talk to your smartwatch now! It is working on a great technique to beat its primary competitor Amazon Alexa. Apple will offer the consumers with a Siri which is powered with a speaker for the home. That is not all; Apple will also offer Siri to open up to the third party applications so that the developers can finally tap within the voice assistant.

The Amazon Alexa rival is a long term project, but creating and releasing the Siri software kit will take place earlier. In fact, the Siri SDK might come in June during the annual WWDC conference of Apple. It will help any developer to use Apple voice assistant.

Apple’s advantage over Amazon Alexa

You were able to book an Uber with iPhones. That was not possible with an Apple watch. While it is still not possible now, but after Siri opens up to third party apps, it will be easier for the developers. Siri is facing hard times for market share. At present, Amazon Alexa is winning, but Apple has an advantage that millions of people are fans of Apple watches.

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They already have Apple watch on their wrists. The Siri speaker was already on the market before the arrival of Echo. Some of the facilities of Siri include the ability to turn on and off any gadget supported by Apple home kit. Some other tasks include Facebook’s M assistant, some other automated bots.

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What does Apple need to do?

Siri is also helpful in core features like setting alarms, sending texts. It is beneficial for more than just phones and home speakers. The reason is Apple will soon announce Siri for Mac this year. Smart home markets are intertwined with cloud service facilities and AI-powered products. Apple also has another advantage, Siri is multilingual.

On the other hand, Amazon Alexa is limited to English only. Still, Amazon is succeeding in the market because it has openly let Alexa connect with the third party apps. Google has not yet announced any such actions. Still, the Google Assistant can answer follow up questions. It can also perform more complicated tasks than Siri or Amazon Alexa.

If Apple wants to stay competitive and get a sustaining ground, then it needs to focus on making Siri more open source and powerful. From there, the company can upgrade to speakers that customers want to place it on their wrists or living rooms.

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