Apple Smart Connector May Soon Become For iPhone

Apple didn’t work much on the Smart Connector since its debut in 2015 for the iPad Pro. But this time Apple is considering seriously about the Smart Connectors. Apple Smart Connector will soon be launched for the Augmented Reality and charging.

There is still some time left for the launch of iPhone 8. Reports also suggest that the Apple Smart Connector might be available for the iPhones with an OLED display. The Smart Connector will help in wireless charging for the iPhone 8 but Apple didn’t reveal how they are going to do it.

The updates in Apple Smart Connector

According to the tech blog The Verifier, Apple claims that it will add a Smart Connector for the upcoming iPhone 8. The Apple Smart Connector is a port designed for the present iPad Pro models. The port offers power and data connection to the accessories, like the keyboards. For the iPhone 8, the Smart Connector will charge the phones with the lightning port for the headphones and accessories.

Initially, the magnetic Apple Smart Connector was introduced in 2015 for the 12.9 iPad Pro. It is not sure how much data the Smart Connector was able to process at that time. But now, the updated Smart Connector will connect with the Augmented Reality accessories.

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Apple can already use the Lightning port for connecting the iPhone to the VR or AR accessories. But some say the magnetic strength on Smart Connector is not the ideal one. Well, last year before the launch of iPhone 7 release, there was the rumor of Apple Smart Connector for iPhones. So, right now, we won’t assure you of anything. But chances are, Apple TV hardware and AirPlay will also play a major role in Apple’s VR/AR technology for upcoming iPhone 8.

Some speculations about wireless charging

Rumors about wireless charging are already there for quite some time now. Fans have to wait for some time till the launch of iPhone 8. Inductive charging through is a disappointment for a lot of users. Some are of the opinion that Wireless Charging may not be available for the next 2-3 years down the line. Apart from Apple, Samsung is also looking to bring the wireless charger into play.

Also, there are no details available at the moment on how the AR/VR tech will work on Apple TV. With the presence of Apple Smart Connector, questions are raised about the presence of other Apple gadgets like VR headsets, smart glasses which will help you in providing the best AR experience.

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