The New Apple TV is More Interactive than Ever

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, and an Apple tv a day keeps the boredom away.

Technology is the driving force of present generation, which has turned us into a tech savvy. The javascript concept has been eliminated from our brains since it was not easily updated and was unable to transform according to our demand, rather we urge thing to be like an android which always evolves and beautifies itself. From pens working on simple paper sheets we have changed to pens which work on Screens, and now from simple TeleVision, we have developed to a TV which is just not a TV, rather it is an all entertainment power package.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple Inc. has always been known for its adroitness and dexterous technology, and this time the mental giants of iPhone have ambitiously laid a strong force for their TV market by developing a genius TV, known as Apple TV.

Basic Idea Behind Apple TV

One problem we all face in day to day life is that we have to customize our work according to the episode timing, which sometimes becomes messed up and we cannot watch our favorite shows. Then, for watching your favorite show you have to use your mini screen pocket device, which gives you the feel of the episode but the mini screen fails to enthrall your adrenaline like TV. But in Apple TV this problem is easily solved.

Apple TV

Apple TV App

With Apple TV, apps have liberated television, letting you choose precisely what and when you want to watch. Built on a robust platform called tvOS, Apple TV allows you to interact with your TV in entirely new ways. You can use the remote to look at the movie or show in a single click, which you want to watch. In addition to that, you can even play games on Apple TV or do exercise by watching different videos as per your wish.

The idea is simple, but the motive is exceptional, this is the thing which makes Apple Inc. leader in technology segment.

New Experiences on TV

This TV will let you experience things, which no other TV can let you experience.

  • Your Mood Your Show – You can watch your favorite movie or TV series episode as per your mood and relevance.
  • Eliminated Buttons – A Simple swipe of your thumb is all that is needed to use remote, means buttons have been removed.
  • Interactive – Improves user interaction by displaying the options crystal clearly as per customization of the user.

Now let’s check the main advancements made in this magical TV and what is the magic behind it.

Siri got smarter- Siri can now understand your home language in a more appropriate manner. Even the Apple TV has been released after Siri has showcased its improvement.
New improvements done in Siri are:

1) Language Understandability:

Siri can now understand Spanish in Mexico, Dutch in Netherlands, Norwegian in Norway and Swedish in Sweden.

2) Search with Siri:

You can ask Siri to find movies by topic or theme. For example, ask for spy movies or the best movies about football. So, This feature is available only in the United States.

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3) Siri for Podcasts:

To find what you’re looking for, just include the word “podcast” in your Siri search, “Learn more”.

Full Entertainment Dose

Apple TV Library

Apple TV Library

This is the primary objective of making every single purchase by the customer, while he is buying a TV set. But some clients want more; they want great, enigmatic entertainment. And if you are among those movie lovers then you must have Apple TV. This TV encases within it overwhelming entertainment features for every taste of the user; It has iTunes in which you can watch anything, Like I mean from Hollywood blockbusters to indie films. Live sport and news. And there’s much more to come. More and more apps will mean more and more choices of great things to watch.

TV Supports Games and Apps

Apple TV

Apple TV Gaming

TV supports high graphic games which will just push your gaming experience from an ephemeral to an eternal level. Even it supports apps, which you can use now on a humongous screen to multifold your app using experience.

Beautiful Interface:

The user interface is has been designed by the brilliant mental giants, which have dedicatedly prepared interface which is very lucid and striking. Screens throughout Apple TV have been designed to let the content be the hero. The use of parallax makes film posters visually come alive while clearly showing you where you are on the screen.

Customisable Home Screen:

This feature is another touch of magic done by Apple. Like you manage and customize your mobile screen, in the same way, this brilliant TV will let you customize apps, according to your preferences.

Switch Between Apps:

By just Double-clicking the Home button on the remote, you can see the apps that you have used most recently used. So you can quickly switch from, say, WWE to TNA, or from an iTunes movie to Yummly. Even without having to go all the way back to the Home screen.

Stellar Screensavers:

When TV is not in use, it displays beautiful images of scenery and pictures. It enhances the environment of your room with calmness.

Touch Replaced Buttons:

The Apple TV Remote has a crafted Touch surface, you can use your thumb to quickly and accurately navigate around your television screen. You can also control the volume on your TV or A/V receiver. It also has Bluetooth, due to which you don’t have to point your remote at your TV. Apple TV captures up your commands from anywhere in the room.

Smart Connective Usage:

By installing the Apple TV remote app, you can fully control your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad touch. You can use any application or play any game or watch any movie by controlling through your iPhone.


Apple TV is a vogue, it is the most captivating TV of the present generation which is dexterously crafted to entertain you with its advanced features.

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