Artificial Intelligence In India

Ever since the evolution of the Human Kind, we are building ourselves better to improve the world and to make our lives more satisfied and simple. Making Impossible Possible is the only motto we the Human Kind had have and will have.

From the discovery of fire sparks from rubbing stones to the creation of automatic thinking machines, we have proved that humans are ingenious species in all areas.

How do we humans are capable of doing all this, is this because of our thoughts in brain and by the passion from heart? If yes, how will it be if we can create a machine which can do all the works a human can do and more! In 1958, a scientist names John McCarthy had named this science as Artificial Intelligence.

So, what is artificial intelligence?
There are many great scientists and professors still researching on this topic and you can avail a lakhs of books and blogs on this question but I will try and save your time with basic explanation.

What is Intelligence first?
I will quote it as the ability to comprehend and responding according to the situation in clever manner. What we humans does normally, right!

Now, incorporating the same ability to an artificial machine is called Artificial Intelligence or AI.

We INDIANS always accept new inventions and strive very hard to attain good results and in same way we have our hands in research of AI since 1986. With this intention, a Centre for Artificial Intelligence and robotics (CAIR) has been established the same year in Bangalore, Karnataka. It mainly deals with Defense research, Development of high quality and secure communications.

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Artificial Intelligence association of INDIA (AIAI), another Centre for AI research was established in 2009 which is a non-profit scientific research society to develop and encourage young INDIANS on artificial intelligence. AIAI aims to increase public understanding of artificial intelligence, improve the teaching and training of AI practitioners, and provide guidance for research planners and funders concerning the importance and potential of current AI developments and future directions.

Scope of AI:
The Field of Interest of the Association should be the hypothesis, design, application, and improvement of the components hidden thought and clever conduct and their exemplification in machines stressing wise operators frameworks, information building, dialect innovations, intellectual frameworks, mechanical autonomy and human-computer connection in which these ideal models are contained.

Problems pertaining with AI:
Reasoning: Machines can’t understand and reason to the situation like humans and it can be achieved only by stimulations which will occur by hormones in a human body.

Knowledge Representation: To solve complex tasks such as diagnosing a medical condition or having a dialog in a natural language computer utilizes a procedure called knowledge representation which is a field of artificial intelligence committed to represent the information about the world to solve complex problems.

Automated planning and Scheduling: Human can recall all the works they have in a particular day and we can schedule the works according to our willingness. But, this is a bit complex in case of a machine since it can’t assign priority to the works if and if we don’t provide the priority.


  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Artificial solutions, imagination
  • Optical character recognition
  • Speech synthesis
  • Statistical semantics
  • Monitoring and surveillance agents.

List goes on; I have listed most important ones here.

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