Avail The New Range Of SD And XQD Cards From Sony !

On Monday, Sony unveiled the much-awaited SD and XQD storage cards and it also the 1st XQD/ SD card reader which is termed as the MRW-E90. The company also unveiled the USB XQD adapter at the event.

SD and XQD cards usage

These cards are mainly for professional photographers working on high-speed cameras like Nikon D500 and Nikon D5. Both these storage cards come in 128GB, 64GB, and 32GB variants.
The price of XQD-M128/J SYM is 14,500, XQD-M64/J SYM is Rs.6,700 and that of XQD-M32/J SYM and that of XQD-M32/J SYM is Rs.3,500.

Sony stated that with the latest technology, 64GB of data can be backup in around 3 minutes. The new XQD-M series delivers a transfer speed of around 440MB/s for reading and 150Mb/s for writing. Talking about the SF-M series, it delivers transfer speed of 260Mb/s for reading and 100Mb/s for writing.

Features and Prices

The cards are magnet proof, anti-static, x-ray proof and dust-proof. The company added that the deleted videos and photos including mov files, RAW files and 4K XAVC S video files can be recovered with the downloadable File rescue software. Apart from that MRW-E90 has been launched by Sony, the 1st XQD/SD card reader. The price of QDA-SB1 is Rs. 1, 490 at present.

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sony cards

The Sony MRW-E90 is supportive of high-speed data transfer to UHS-II SD cards and XQD series.

Update – SD and XQD

You can by a card reader which is compatible with this device. Usually, you don’t need to buy another USB device if your USB is 3.0 or above. Most of the Sony SD and XQD devices are compatible with USB 3.0. The USB adapter that is suitable for this is also available on the market right now. The prices have dropped since the release. You can buy them from all leading online stores and even in physical stores.

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