Baidu Robot Xiaodu Challenges Humans In China

Well, you have heard a lot of times that robots are challenging human brains. Now, the challenge has gone to a whole new level. This robot is called Xiaodu built by search engine giant Baidu, and it is invading a favorite reality show in China.

Xiaodu will take on the human competitors in the complex trials that involve the face and also voice recognition. Super Brain is a popular reality TV show in China that tests human brainpower. It is the Chinese franchise of “The Brain”. This show will dedicate the whole of season 4 in the theme of a brain fight between humans and robots.

The AI robot from the Super Brain show is prepared by the search giant called Baidu. It will face contestants, four people at once and many other intelligent computer programs. There are speculations that in the season finale, there might be AI vs. AI.

In the year 2015, we already saw a smaller version of Xiaodu. From that time the company was focused on creating a large version of it. Finally, it will launch Xiaodu in the TV show Super Brain.

Contestants in Super Brain

One of the major competitors against the AI is an eight-year-old boy named Sun Ying. That boy claims to have heightened hearing senses. He says he can accurately tell the height from which a balloon is thrown just by listening to the sound of its landing. Another contestant in Super Brain is Wang Feng. He is a memory master. The person broke the world record of speed memorization of cards in a poker game.

The rounds of TV show

In the first facial recognition round, both human contestants and Xiaodu will be shown numerous photos of two women when they were babies. After that, they have to select the right two women from the row who are standing in the same dress with the same hairstyle. Sounds complicated? The speech recognition is more complex than this. The contestants are asked to match with three people talking in a three-second audio clip that has got 21 people speaking in a chorus. Baidu is pretty confident that the AI bot is capable of doing well in the Super Brain TV show.

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The training of AI

Baidu’s present worth is $63 billion. It has got a lab in Silicon Valley that is committed in Artificial Intelligence, natural language, intelligent communication, processing, image, facial recognition and also speech recognition. The chief scientist of Silicon Valley, Andrew Ng will also be present on the show.

Well, it just cannot be denied that there are a lot of TV shows that featured robots and human challenges, but those involved only games like chess and quizzes. But the facial and voice recognition is an entirely different story. To get this, the robots need a lot of training with extensive data. The training also incorporates identifying people from old and unclear pictures.

Human has instincts to recognize other people. But a robot does not have that. They can only rely on data and can process that. It is why it is so difficult for even the best AI in the world. Let us see how Xiaodu by Baidu performs in the show Super Brain. Stay tuned!

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