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The Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is today (19th April). You had to deal with a lot of features, rumors, leaks and hints about both the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The phone comes with beautiful design, robust specifications, and a brilliant UI. We know you have an overall idea what this device might offer you. But here are eight specific Samsung Galaxy S8 features that we bet you need to know before you get your hands on this device.

The unique design of Samsung Galaxy S8

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be better in design than any other Samsung smartphones. It comes with Infinity display without any bezels and dual edge display. So you will get more than 80% of the phone’s screen. There is a fingerprint sensor and heart rate scanner at the back of the phone. The ‘recent’ and ‘back’ buttons are customizable soft keys. With the front to back curvature, you will get a better grip for one-handed operation. You will get the phone in five colors. These are midnight black, the new orchid gray, coral blue, maple gold and arctic silver.

Click brilliant photos in a snap

The Galaxy S8 comes with an advanced camera. It offers multi-frame processing, and with this technology, the camera can take multiple shots at one go. It will automatically select the best photos and use others to reduce the blur. The enhanced image processing is very useful when you are clicking a moving shot, in low light or when you want a clear zoom. The dual pixel technology works perfectly to offer beautiful pictures even in the low light conditions. The front camera comes with facial recognition technology. It can recognize and track faces to provide you clear and focused selfies. You will get a lot of filters to enhance the photos. An auto filter enhances the photos automatically. Apply animated stickers and stamps directly in the images while taking photos from the camera app.

A great user experience

Just like the display, the UX is awesome. If offers you with unifying video and audio components so that you can get a continuous experience. The display offers an “always on” feature. Speaking of the navigations, it is extremely smooth. You will get the pure Samsung Galaxy experience with the phone’s app icons and along with its patent ringtone “over the horizon.” There are other updated ringtones too. Overall, the flow of user interaction is as smooth as you can imagine.

You got a new way to interact “smartly.”

Now, this is a bit confusing to tell right now. Because some of the reports still suggest that Samsung Smart Assistant is not available for the US or any other countries. The reason is Bixby is not able to catch the English words correctly. Bixby is available only in Samsung Galaxy S8 in Korea. Once it is available for all other countries, you will be able to control a lot of apps simultaneously by just using your voice. Bixby can even control the settings and features of every service and apps without affecting other tasks. There is a vision interface in Bixby which can detect what the users are searching.

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More visible area so you can scroll less

The Galaxy S8 comes with 18% more display area than the Galaxy S7. Thus, it offers more immersive viewing experience. While you are watching in the landscape mode, the display ratio is 21:9, and it reduces the black bars above and below the picture. Thus, it increases the viewing area by 36% than Galaxy S7. It has got HDR performance which makes the user see videos and pictures exactly as the creator intended. The gaming experience is also enhanced because the device supports 18:5.9 full-screen modes optimizing the entire screen. Along with it, the Infinity Display makes it easy to work and see more from a single screen without too much scrolling. In simple terms, multitasking is made easy. The Corning Gorilla glass will prevent the device from all scratches.

A control center for smart home

The control center is preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It connects the users and helps them in monitoring and managing the smart devices from a single app. You can connect the Samsung Connect to a lot of devices; set up individual modes like Good morning mode, the going out mode and much more. It can set up individual rules for different modes.

Transition from Smartphone to PC

You will get the Samsung DeX service which is a new feature that offers secure mobile to PC transition. You can access all applications browse the web, send the messages from PC directly without carrying any device for data transfer. DeX has got applications like Gallery, Myfiles, browser and Samsung E-mail. It is also compatible with applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe mobile suite and allows complete functionality. If you want to know details about the Samsung DeX, then you can have a look at our article.

The security features

The Samsung S8 has got great security features with the integration of the Samsung Knox security platform. It also includes a new level of enhanced biometrics. The Galaxy S8 is extremely secure with an iris scanner. It is fast and touch free, and thus it makes the user verification easy. The S8 also comes with a secure encrypted folder facility which helps you in safely maintaining the private information. The Samsung Pass feature allows users to securely log into the mobile banking apps and websites without biometric authentication.

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