BlackBerry May Re-Enter The Market With An Android Phone Worth Rs. 25000!

Smartphones by Blackberry haven’t done quite good in the past. The platform struggled for traction as people have been abandoning it. Also, Priv, its 1st Android phone hasn’t done quite good. Obviously, there were rumors about Blackberry halting its smartphone-making. While on a trip to India, John Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry has squashed the rumors and stated that a phone between Rs.20,000 to Rs.26,000 is going to be launched.

Priv and Blackberry

There are doubts whether Blackberry would be able to compete in this market which is low end. John agreed that Priv didn’t do quite good since it was a standalone smartphone without any devices backing up.

Currently, talking about Priv, it is quite expensive just because it doesn’t have a family. Normally, more than 1 device is released by the company. Obviously, companies need to make sure that not too many phones are built and that the distribution channel is extended.

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The CEO also stated that the launch time of Priv wasn’t ideal. He believed that the market for smartphones has become quite soft now.

Execution can be better because the phones were tried to be sold through retail shops. Carriers hold importance but need to be available to customers directly through partners or himself, Chen admitted.

Nowadays the smartphones in the 20-25K segment come with a very specific set of features. Android 7.0 Nougat is one of those features which sets these phones apart. It also comes with a 4 or 6GB RAM. if Blackberry wants to live up to the market, then it is a given that it has to come up with these features.

Update 2017:

Speculations suggest that there are three phones that Blackberry will launch this year. All of these phones will come with the latest Android update. The company, however, has not confirmed any such rumors.

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