Blackberry Privacy Shade App Will Stop Others To Peek In Your Phone

One of the most irritating things we face in our daily life is unwanted strangers peeking into our phones while traveling in bus, trains or directly while sitting beside you. Smartphone developers could not deal with this problem till date. Users, who had large smartphone screens, face this issue more. But now there is a way you can deal with this situation. Blackberry Privacy Shade App will prevent any people (even the nearest one) beside you to peek into your phone. So how does this Android app work?

It makes the whole screen black, except a small area. That small area is the viewing area. You can move that small area to the place or notification which you want to see. The display area can change shapes depending on what way you prefer. One of the best features of this Blackberry Privacy Shade App is, you can adjust the brightness manually. So, for those who are a bit of an extra paranoid, they can dim the screen to near opaque for optimal privacy.

A significant disadvantage of Blackberry privacy Shade App

But there is a significant drawback of this app. It is available for the Blackberry OS only. So if you have a Blackberry device, you can use it or else you cannot take advantage of this app. You can check if your device is compatible with this app from Google Play Store. But if you don’t have a blackberry device, it will not be compatible. You can also sideload it from APK Mirror, but it won’t lift the restriction limit of Blackberry devices.

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Well, Blackberry needs to consider one important factor. The majority of the smartphone users are Android users. There are two reasons for not using Blackberry mobiles. First, the Blackberry OS is not simple to use and it does not support simple messaging apps like WhatsApp. The second factor is, Blackberry mobile devices are a bit high priced compared to Android smartphones of same specs.

Even if the price is not a factor, compatibility matters, where Blackberry still lags. We, the Android users are still waiting for the Android developers to come up with such an app. Till then, good luck to the Blackberry users, wish we had the same app as you.

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