Bluetooth 5 Coming With Higher Speed And Better Range

Bluetooth gets updated now. It is faster, with better range and focuses. And the updated version is Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth Special Interest (BSI) group gave a green light in releasing the Bluetooth 5. It is releasing this week, with complete new performance updates. Here in this article, we are going to bring you the full details about the Bluetooth 5 and its updates. According to BSI this version of Bluetooth has got some radicular performance enhancements. And these features were not present in its predecessor.

What does Bluetooth 5 offer?

This latest version of Bluetooth offers twice the speed and four times the range of Bluetooth 4.1. The capacity of broadcast messages is increased to eight times. The bumps target the importance of making Bluetooth as the standard for connecting. The updates also come up with some fixed designs. It limits the interference with wireless technology.

Estimated time frame of Bluetooth 5 release

This time the Audio looks are a bit out of focus. It might come as a surprise to a lot of people. The reason might be the smartphone manufacturers are rapidly pushing the wireless headphone adoption. And the standard jack headphones are just out of market these days. If you have a look at the iPhone 7, the standard audio jacks are already replaced. According to the latest announcements, “Bluetooth will continue to embrace the technological advancements and push the unlimited potential of IOT.” Well, it will be released this week. And this means we will be able to see the Bluetooth 5 very soon. It might be possible in the next two to six months as per the organization.

Boost for other wireless devices

The Bluetooth’s low energy protocol is used for connecting wearables smartwatches and fitness trackers’. The speed of such wearables will be doubled. The major idea is to benefit the IOT devices. Apart from the range and speed boosts, the Bluetooth 5 is also better at avoiding congestion. So the other wireless standards like LTE and Wi-Fi cannot block the Bluetooth connectivity. It is why the Bluetooth 5 will have a clearer connection among a lot of connected gadgets. With eight times boost in the broadcast message, wireless devices can send relevant data. And it won’t matter wherever you are. So you can think of something like walking into a supermarket, and the phone will remind you to take bread.

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Helping hand for marketers

It can be used by the marketers to track up your location precisely and then send you specific coupons. The devices with inbuilt Bluetooth 5 will be coming in the next two to six months. There are not any specific audio improvements. The better range here will connect the wireless headphones from a long distance. The BSI group is planning on moving the wireless audio protocol on the new tech next year. It will help in boosting up the hearables. The headphones will come up with smart computing capabilities. The Apple Air pods, Bragi’s Dash and such devices can have the update in audio. The BSI is also looking to add the mesh networking capability to this new tech. It will allow the Bluetooth devices to work as the network boosting hubs. It will spread the Bluetooth connection further which will aid the IOT devices.

We just cannot assure that Bluetooth 5 will be satisfactory. But it will play a significant role for the more and more connected devices in the market.

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