BookDoc collaborates with Quality HealthCare and Asia Medicare

BookDoc users can now easily search and book selected specialist services offered by QHMS and eye care services by Asia Medicare in Hong Kong. They leading healthcare providers in their respective focus areas. With the latest collaborations, BookDoc now has more than 50% coverage of private clinic services in Hong Kong. It is a step nearer to realizing its aim to make healthcare accessible anytime and anywhere.

CEO of BookDoc, Chevy Beh, said that it’s a kind of confidence vote on the value that BookDoc could bring to the table and a recognition that the way we experience the healthcare will no doubt be shaped by the development of technology. QHMs operates around 100 clinics in Hong Kong while Asia Medicare is also one of the largest eye care services provider in Hong Kong.

According to the CEO of Asia Medicare, this collaboration will enable them to develop the reservation process more effectively and will ensure quick access in just a few clicks

The App of BookDoc is now complete with air transport, land, and navigation as well as hotel accommodation functions for the consumers to attend  their medical appointments. Chevy Beh stated that with growing network of medical service providers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, people can now travel to these countries for medical needs worry free

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About Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited

QHMS, Hong Kong, became part of Bupa, which is an international group of healthcare, in 2013. QHMS’ operations include day care specialties, primary healthcare, and diagnostics. They have over 500 affiliated clinics offering Diagnostics and Imaging, Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, physiotherapy Dental services, etc. QHMsalso operating a private nursing agency. They are one of the largest providers of medical services to corporates in Hong Kong. The Group recorded around 2.8 million healthcare visits in 2015.

About Asia Medicare (HK) Limited.

Asia Medicare (HK) Limited (“Asia Medicare”) is one the largest providers of eye care services in Hong Kong. They are specialized in Refractive Surgery – Presbyopia LASIK treatment, SMILE, LASIK, and Cataract Surgery. These services are provided through  medical eye care centres; Asia Eye Surgery Centre, Hong Kong Eye Care Centre and Hong Kong Laser Eye Centre. As of 2015, it has recorded more than one million patient visits. They will leverage on online platform of BookDoc to connect with its customers anywhere and anytime

About BookDoc

BookDoc is an online platform which enables the users to search & book healthcare professionals with integrated location features to book accommodation, transport, and companies to track health benefits usage to their employees. BookDoc is now available in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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