BookDoc Receives Funding From Dr. Stanley Ho’s Family Member

Well, a lot can happen in one year, and BookDoc proves it once again. Let us tell you what BookDoc is. It is a healthcare technology startup that has headquarters in Malaysia. The company became popular after creating the mobile healthcare application that connects many patients with doctors, physicians, and medical professionals.

In 2015, it was the first ever online platform that offers such services. At present, the company is handling more than 50% of the private clinics in Hong Kong. The company has made healthcare services much more accessible to the people.

Here is more great news from BookDoc to you all

BookDoc welcomes the family member of Dr. Stanley Ho who is going to play a significant role as a strategic investor. At the moment we are not sure of the exact amount he will be investing in the company. But according to company officials, a double-digit US million investment is on its way for BookDoc.

BookDoc reported TNI analysts that the company will also add to the number of individuals who are experienced in the field of healthcare, IT, insurance and banking sectors as well. It looks like BookDoc is on its way to expanding their genres.

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The services of BookDoc already range from contacts of diagnostics to primary health care and day to day specialists. Thus, we can clearly say how important this mobile application can be for any individual. The company was honored with Frost & Sullivan 2016 Innovation Excellence Award in Mobile Healthcare Technology Market in South East Asia. Here is what the CEO of BookDoc Chevy Beh says, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]With additional funding, we will be in a stronger position to expand regionally in South East Asia, rolls out more products and features targeting the B2B market, and form strategic partnerships in the region. It is more important to get it right than to rush into any opportunities that arise.[/quotes]

In July 2016, the company collaborated with Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO). The partnership enabled the members for accessing information and creates a brilliant database with contacts of clinics. The app can even set up online appointments for the health screening programs. The company is planning to expand their healthcare services in future to 4 more countries. They have a lot of new products, and they are planning to introduce new services as well.

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