The Budding Indian Scientist: Masha

K. Masha Nazeem is that inventive scientist who started thinking about the ways for making the world a better place from her childhood. She was born with the mindset of working for the betterment of India, which she has already proved through her various creative and useful innovations.

Masha Nazeem started her journey from an early age of 14 when she started working on her science models and innovative projects. Her objective from the starting was, to devote all her time in various innovative ideas that would help her country progress. She started as a student and is now approaching the whole new level. Masha’s very first innovation was a simple “Burglar Alarm” which she made in 4th grade as a term project, by completing this project Masha got that much needed glimpse of the future and selected innovation as her lifetime career and now, there was no stopping her. She kept on moving forward, inventing her toys that proved to be of huge help for all.

Masha’s Inventions:

Masha made numerous breakthroughs and made India proud countless times. Some of her innovations include;

VIP Security System:

This was the improved version of her first project about Burglar Alarm, which she took to another level. The objective of the device was to safeguard the VIPs against terrorist attacks. She revealed it in her School science exhibition and received appreciations for such innovative idea.

Conveyor Belt System:

So Masha was going to school one day and she saw some children of her school crossing the road to enter the school (her school had two parts, each on the other side of the road ), she noticed that they were not using the bridge that was built across the road for safe crossing. She knew that as the bridge is 100 foot high and has many stairs, it is really difficult for the children to climb at its top with a 50 kg bag that added to their gravitational pull and then cross it. While others were trying to avoid the problem she magnificently faced it and came up with the solution of building a Conveyor Belt for children, which would transport their heavy school bags for them, to the other side.

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HiTech Train Toilet:

The basic idea behind this was to keep the open mouth of the train toilets closed so that areas nearby the platform could remain clean. For this, a horizontal spacious tank is to be connected to the mouth of the toilet, and the opening and closing of the tank is regulated by the train driver.

Fuel Dispenser:

This innovation focuses on the safety of children seated over the petrol tank of a two-wheeler and visiting petrol station along with their parents for filling petrol.

The Flame Seal Maker:

Masha Nazeem Indian Scientist

Masha Nazeem Indian Scientist

It is a portable device that can be used for melting the sealing lac without flames which then can be used according to the need.

The Mechanical Porter:

It is a device which is used for lifting heavy and bulky objects for mainly household purposes. This invention provided a huge assistance for the ladies who were depending on other members of the family for lifting heavy objects for them.

Other than these wonderful innovative ideas and projects Masha has about 6 more patents coming up. This girl literally never stops!

Masha because of her innovative thinking and approaches has, 2 international, 5 National, 2 Presidential and 5 South Indian awards to showcase which certainly inspire new budding scientists. She has also won a National Science Fellowship through KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) that aids her in

Researches that she conducts.
Masha has been offered a direct admission in the India’s best research facility IISER ( Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research ), she was also among those 8 students who were selected for the visit of Silicon Valley (USA) and receive entrepreneurship training directly from the leading brands such as Facebook, Google, and Autodesk.

Masha plans on continuing her researches for the betterment of India. For this, she has even started an organization, named “Masha Innovative Center” where new science enthusiasts are trained and nurtured for competing with the world. It would not be wrong to say that Masha has taken the responsibility of developing new minds that would certainly take India to a better future.

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