CES 2016 And CES 2017: What We Got What To Expect

Well, now that the year 2016 has come to an end, we can say that CES 2016 was both satisfactory and unsuccessful too. And that brings up the hope that CES 2017 is going to offer us something new and entertaining than 2016. Frankly speaking, 2016 started on a very optimistic note. It came with the gala tech event, and the Consumer Electronics show that took place in Los Angeles. A lot of people had hoped for some cool and unique gadgets in this year’s CES. Some were brilliant while others were not so cool. Let us have a quick glance at how CES 2016 was and what can we expect from CES 2017.

Laptops of CES 2016

The laptops promised a lot. But in some instances, the laptops were not too successful. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga was quite a brilliant one with the OLED screen and great specs. You can also have a glance at the HP Elitebook Folio. This HP version from Windows was an excellent alternative to the MacBooks of Apple. And it also came with two USB C ports. Few more highlights were the Razor Blade stealth mode, gaming company’s UltraBook that also had compatible graphics card dock. It allowed mobile gamers to get the full desktop GPU within the UltraBook Laptop. The display and resolutions were also pretty high; the matte finishes all these features were cool enough.
But problems started arising when there were delays and lags with the Razor Core GPU dock and the core was highly priced at $499.

People expected it in April, but it was not available till the latter half of the year. But by that time, there was already another new version of the Blade Stealth. The almost similar thing happened with the HP EliteBook Folio. Along with price tag and software issues these factors combined, made the EliteBook a major disappointment. Both the HP and Blade Stealth did not have the SD card slot. Also, the Lenovo ThinkPad disappointed us in the battery life, and the price tag was a whopping $1800.

Cars of CES 2016

The Faraday Future gave us hopes in the CES 2016. But it didn’t have anything to show. We are hoping that CES 2017 will be the time when Faraday cars will reveal. But we are not sure how the company will cope up. It is going to a lot of hurdles, the executives are leaving, and proper funding is not available. Audi promised a great VR car configuration experience. But it was not able to come up with a good car this year. Let us see what Audi comes up with in 2017. Chevrolet Bolt was another attraction of 2017. It became the Verge’s Best in Show car, and it received the award for affordability, practicality, and long range. It was an excellent electric car that could compete with the Tesla Electric cars. But Chevrolet still could not make a full release of the electric vehicles.

Wearables of 2016

Wearable technology is one of the most famous attractions of CES. And the CES 2016 too had some cool wearables. But few of them were pretty bad. Like the clunky plastic 3D glasses, Android smartwatches and more health tracking gadgets. Only the few GoPro cameras were good enough to satisfy the people. Nikon came up with its action camera called “the KeyMission 360”. But that too was available at September 360 at a price of $499. The EEG headsets were also not likable. The major issue with wearables was the battery capacity. The smaller the gadgets became, the secondary batteries were included. It is what made battery life a major problem with wearables. If the tech biggies are not able, bring something to enhance battery life, and then wearables will not be excellent ones for the people.

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Finally something good for the CES 2016

On the TV genre, we had the OLED and HDR technologies with high fidelity visual delight. Netflix announced a significant expansion. LG presented a rollable display the wireless earbuds and fridges were quite attractive ones. And these made our life easier to a certain extent. Till now, CES is the place you need to visit if you want to come up into a different world of technological advancement. Let us have a look at what can we expect from CES 2017.

The Hoverboards

When the guests arrive, they will be presented with personalized uni-wheel. This is a convenient and safe device which allows navigating miles of hallways and conference rooms, dungeons, and tunnels. The Hoverboards were banned from last year’s event most probably because the organizers were worried about the surplus swag. There are millions of exhibitors inside CES. The floors, walls, and ceiling of Exhibition are always decorated like it is still 1974.

This year you can expect Samsung and LG’s new levitating fridges that combine hovering speaker tech and Wi-Fi refrigerators. These make use of ultra-powered magnets that keep that your groceries chilled. The magnets can also wipe any cards or magnets brought within the range of 10 feet. Those fridges will be Alexa enabled. The CES 2017 is also a good time to show off some Dash Button technology. That is an easy way to buy some more with the one-touch shopping devices. Just press the dash button, and Amazon will process your shipping.


CES 2016 was supposed to bring in the drones. But this will probably take off in CES 2017, and it will bring the rideable drones in CES 2017. Tesla will produce the Space X models and the Tesla Business that will bring electric cars to a whole new level. Google will focus on taking up the Android Auto project one stage further. CES might become a car show in 2017, but you can also expect some great TVs, monitors and other screens with HDR, 4K, and OLED displays. Samsung will also bring the super curved quantum dot screen. And they are also focusing on the 360-degree monitors too. Let us hope for the best in CES 2017.

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