Chronos Can Transform Your Old School Watch Into A Smartwatch

The major challenge that Apple smartwatches have to face is, most of the people still love the analog and digital watches. The challenge got tougher. Chronos, a wearable startup from Bay Area, came up with a technology which will transform your standard digital/analog watches into smartwatches. You have to attach a small device to the back of any regular analog watch and connect it via Bluetooth of an app on your smartphone.

Once it is connected, the Chronos will offer a useful set of functions which are identical to a smartwatch. You will get features like activity tracker with an accelerometer, notifications for cell phones, emails, messages, and calls. You can also control the music player apps.

Chronos Smartwatch

The device functions are based on gestures and vibrations. For instance, if you tap a couple of times on the watch’s crown, it can start and stop iTunes player in iOS. If you are unable to find the connected phones, repeated taps in the watch’s face will set off an alarm. Chronos has a range of 50 feet in Bluetooth.

Chronos features and specs in details

The disc of Chronos is the size of a quarter. You have to attach it to the back of your watch by micro-suction. The device itself is a combination of technology. It is thin, and the device looks sleek. So you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. The casing is made of the same stainless steel which you find in Rolex.

Analog Smartatch

The disc comes with a charging cradle which plugs into the USB port of a computer or to a wall-socket adapter. It will take 30 minutes to charge fully. One single charge will last for two days. You can leave the charger on a nightstand. The disc is anti-magnetic. So it will not interfere with the watch’s functions.

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You can download the Chronos App from App store. The app is not available for Android yet. Once you charge the device, just pair it with the Bluetooth. Next, you have to set up the disc to monitor health. The objective was to work with existing watches, not replace them. It has got a few screens, and it can light up.

Chronos App

The core of this device is the fitness tracker. You can record steps, measure distance and also keep track of the calories burnt. The case is water resistant, with an IP67 rating. It is the same rating of iPhone 7. You can remove or attach the micro-suction adhesive pad multiple times.

A minor setback

One drawback is, we cannot be sure how accurate the values of fitness tracker were. But, for simple actions like using it as the remote smartphone camera controller and music player, it is flawless. According to Mark Nichol, co-founder of Chronos, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We designed Chronos to work discreetly with your watch, but we’re excited to see how other people will wear it. There’s no reason that Chronos couldn’t work on a bracelet, for instance. Also, as we release future products they will get smaller and thinner, which means that in the future, Chronos could fit on even more things that you wear every day.[/quotes] Using the iOS App is also easy. There are no bugs, and the company also said they would release an Android version soon. The device is available at $99.

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