Comcast, Verizon, AT&T And Other Major ISP’s Will Not Sell Customer Browsing History

Just after a few days Congress reversed the privacy policy and rules of the internet, the major ISP’s (Internet service providers) clearly said, they will not share or sell customer browsing history. Among the major ISP’s, there are Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and others.

According to the Congress approved legislation, the bill will repeal the regulations taken up by the Federal Communications Commission in October. The bill is to do more to protect customer’s privacy than the Google Search Engine, or Facebook Inc. does.

Chief privacy officer of Comcast clearly said they don’t sell customer’s individual web browsing history. They didn’t do it before, and they are not going to do it in future too. Also, he added, Comcast is revising and updating the privacy policies. They want to make it clearer that they are not going to sell individual web browsing history of a customer to third parties.

Verizon also will do the same. Verizon privacy officer Karen Zacharia said the company offers two programs for their browsing data. One is to provide the marketers with “de-identified information” which helps them to determine the customers who fit into the group of advertisers they are trying to reach. And the second program offers insights which may be useful for the advertisers and other businesses.

A clear win for ISP’s about not selling customer browsing history

The vote was a win for all the ISP’s. Reuters says, Congress is now forced to govern the websites with a less restrictive set of privacy rules. The White House said President Donald Trump is going to sign the repeal of rules. Within this regulation, the ISP’s will need consumer content before they use a certain geolocation, health information, financial information, children’s information and web browsing history for marketing and advertisement purposes. But websites will not need the same consent.

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Some of the Congress is also of the opinion that the ISP’s will sell personal data to the highest bidder. Some other’s said they could raise money for buying the customer browsing history. AT&T clearly said it would not sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose. Even after Trump signs the repeal, it will not change the policies.
Websites sell and use aggregated client data to the advertisers. Such practice is not new.

Almost each and every single site in the world collects and sell customer browsing history for advertisement purposes. According to Republicans, this will offer the websites with the ability to harvest more data than the internet providers. 46 Senate Democrats are urging Donald Trump not to sign the bill. The reason is, most Americans “believe their private information should be just that.” According to 9 to 5Mac, if you are still skeptical about your ISP’s and don’t trust them very much, then you can opt for a VPN. It will keep you secure irrespective of your ISP selling customer browsing history or not.

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