Commuter – A Smart Clothing Masterpiece From Google and Levi’s

Forget smart phones; it is the era of smart clothing. Google had previously announced it would weave technology into the fabric. Levi’s and Google has announced their first piece of smart clothing. It’s based on Project Jacquard and is called the Commuter. So expect your fall fashion to be nothing short of futuristic as these clothes make way to your wardrobe.

That’s right. The clothes are coming this fall. Earlier it was supposed to release in spring, 2017 but the dates just got pushed behind. It will cost $350 upon its release. So there’s a bit of a pocket pinch right there. But then you are paying for the design, the brand, the fabric and the technology. It is just like any low range phone.

What does this piece of smart clothing do?

No need of squeezing a device to your chest or put on gigantic headphones. The Commuter will offer a seamless tech integration experience. Just like for example, the cuffs have sensors that are touch and gesture sensitive. They will allow you to adjust the volumes of your music, answer calls and get directions. And all this without taking your phone out of the pocket.

On the plus side, this wearable gadget is not an added accessory. It is just your clothes you’re wearing. The Commuter will feature a slim finish which will get smarter updates in future. For now, the Commuter has a stylish appeal. For those wondering about the price, it is far cheaper than your Apple Watch. But loyal users will find it hard to leave Apple Watch.

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The Commuter – Levi’s Trucker Jacket

It isn’t made of jeans. It is woven out of electronic threads – while that sounds futuristic, it is also scary. You will wear electronics as a piece of clothing. The entire thread will connect to a small tag embedded in the denim. This tag will connect to your phone and give you a seamless user experience.

At present this gadget is targeting the bikers. The promotional video showed the biker swiping his sleeve to get navigation directions, answer calls. The device uses machine language algorithm to determine the meaning of gestures. The data tag that is attached to the cuff is removable for washing the cloth.

It is, however, not restricted to the bike commuters or the techies. The company is working to develop an ecosystem of apps and cloud-based services. It is to ensure that this gadget is worth the higher price. But the question remains – will people find it feasible to spend $350 to answer calls from their sleeve?

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