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How did the small town guy turn his hobby of online shopping into a thriving business in less than a year? The answer is Couponhaat.

The Birth of Couponhaat


couponhaat founder

Couponhaat is a brain child of Mr.Vipin Kumar Yadav, CEO & Founder of the same who comes from a middle- class family and is natively from Hathras, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. He did his schooling till 12th from the same place in a Hindi medium school where he was a topper.

Despite being from a background which was not financially as well as academically sound, he had big dreams from the very beginning. He was aware of his parent’s challenges and their struggles. It was a thing which could weaken him at some point, but he made it his strength. He always kept his motivation above everything and left himself with no other choice than doing something gigantic! Quoting his words, he says “It was when I read “You Can Win” by Mr Shiva Khera. I could see my dreams building up and the book played a critical role in modelling my dreams first into my passion and then determination to stick to my goals and fulfilling them.”. His parents forced him for settling up with a government job. But he started he chose to work for an IT firm in Gurgaon and did well there.

After completing his office work, he used to shop online by using lots of coupons during his free time. He used to help a lot of his friends assisting them in saving their money & time and telling them the best place to shop from.

After some days of the usual process, he realised that despite being so many e-commerce websites in India people are still unaware about the coupons and deals they offer and there he got the opportunity to transform his hobby into a business. He came to the conclusion that it was due to the fact, that people could not find all the deals, coupons and offers provided by multiple companies at the same place. So how will they come to know about it?

He realised that it was a chance which he could not afford to miss!

The prior intentions were just to help people and not to build a huge firm. But as you know God, himself helps you when you do something noble. And there he just started working on the idea in his small rented room. It was hard to convince people of the notion, but he didn’t give up. And he started to shape his dream into reality. Thus, Couponhaat was born.

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The Journey


couponhaat team

Post registering the domain name he hired few freelancers and asked them to work for Couponhaat. Gradually, he turned out to a decent office with the collaboration of his active team members. And smart strategies of blending marketing and technology together. He then along with his team, headed towards understanding the target market which took a real research time. Following marketing techniques, end- user behaviour and machine learning.He succeeded in proving best to his lovely customers.

But it was just not the customers he had to take care of. He soon realised that he has to work in a direction where he could benefit his customers as well as his sellers. After all, you cannot thrive if either of these is unsatisfied. Consumers today are searching for the most promising user experience where they could be most benefited and so are sellers. They are in hunt of these consumers. But how do they meet each other? There Couponhaat plays its surprising roleIt is an e-commerce enabler who work on both the prospects- B2C and B2B. It has not reached its ultimate goal. But it is moving in the right direction with the right speed and covered a good distance.

What is Couponhaat and what does it do?

Couponhaat is India’s leading coupons. They deal company helping online shoppers to explore the best deals from the most reputed e-commerce brands. If you are the one who believes in saving money, you have stepped in the right place. Whether it’s a coupon, best deals, freebies, giveaways, Couponhaat is always there to help you with everything.

The company has a vibrant team of affiliate marketers who hunt for the smartest and cheapest hand-picked deals so that, could save a maximum of your money as well as time. Couponhaatregularly updates current coupons, promo codes, deals and offers daily on its website to provide you with the best service.

For the latest updates, you can anytime subscribe to its newsletter and enjoy shopping without leaving your cosy bed.


Regarding the long terms plans, Mr Vipin Kumar Yadav foreseesCouponhaat as the primary key player in the field of e-commerce and the world of coupons. The market is huge. He wants to grab each and every opportunity he can to help people save their money. Couponhaat will come up with more contemporary techniques and marketing strategies in future. The primary focus is to provide the best user experience to our customers because that is the key to success.

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