Crimson Music Player – Complete Review

Google Play Store has evolved over the years to have thousands of options for any app you want, and Music Players are not left out. After using my fair share of music apps like Google Play Music, Musixmatch Lyrics, Spotify Music, Apple Music etc., Crimson was a welcome change.

It does almost all the things that a Music Player should do – Play music seamlessly, Lock screen controls, Bluetooth support, etc. In addition to that, it has some unique features like Smart Equalizer, Automatic Album Art Changer, Folder View, etc. One of the main feature that we think it lacks is the online music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. If this feature will be added to Crimson Music Player in future then it would be one of the best Music Player till date.

Unique Features of Crimson Music Player App

The first thing that stands out is the different yet gorgeous UI. The UI is just stunning, no questions there and on top of that it has NO ADS. Furthermore, the developer is making no money out of this app; according to him he just built Crimson for his love of music and technology.

One of the most impressive parts – We recall swiping and clicking countless times just to play a song in other players, but Crimson, on the other hand, brings that down to just three clicks. It’s just surprisingly easy to use. The Folder View is an excellent example of that. In every other music player, you will have to traverse through your whole SD card to find music; Crimson shows only those folders that have music in them, making music selection easy.

Crimson Music Player Smart Equalizer

Crimson Music Player Smart Equalizer

Another Impressive feature is a Smart Equalizer which allows you to store your Equalizer Preference for a song; so that later when the song plays, the Equalizer changes to saved preference automatically! Neat. We don’t know why other players haven’t thought of this.

Crimson does the basics marvelously, but it will make you realize that it’s just not about the music. Crimson has a slew of features that makes it stand out. The Automatic Album Art changer works well, with just one click of a button and it’s very accurate.

Crimson Music Player Timer

Crimson Music Player Timer

The Timer feature is a god’s send. Some people have habit to fall asleep while listening to music, and Crimson realizes that. So, it allows you to set the timer, and the music playback will stop automatically, neat.

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There are pre-set playlists based on your mood and time like Party, Workout, Romantic and you can very quickly add songs to these; thus making your music organization easy. I used this feature extensively.

Sharing music has never been easy as Crimson allows you to share any music thus removing the need to use a file explorer to share.

The Search works more like a filter which filters your list in real time as you type, quite better than the traditional search we are used to. There are a lot of other features as well like find any Artist Biography in the app; easy help that adds to the already impressive music player.

Finally, he wants to support Crimson with as many languages as possible so that people with other Native languages can use it as well. It already supports Spanish and Portuguese. You can contact the developer if you want Crimson in your language


We had a talk with the developer, Suchandrim Sarkar and what excited us more was the future updates he is working on. He presently is working on supporting more languages and is working on an Italian translation. Also, the next update will allow landscape mode for better tablet support. He realizes the App is not perfect, but he plans to give updates continuously; and he gives a lot of attention to the user’s reviews, replying to almost all the reviews on play store. You can directly mail him at or send him a message on Facebook here.

Download the app from here.

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    But what happens when it doesn’t want to do those things anymore?

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