Darling Smartphone: 360 Degree Lens And Diamond Encrusted Body

With Valentine’s Day spark still doing the rounds in the air, you might have finally found the perfect gift for your special one. The phone is ideally called the Darling Smartphone and features 3.08 grams of a full gold body. According to the manufacturing company, ProTruly, this body is made up of “pure gold.” It also claims to have four diamonds tethered at the back on the leather band.

Making up your mind still? Don’t!

Darling Smartphone is either going to be a new fad that will die out soon enough, or it will pave the way for future smartphones. But for now, this trend seems to be centrally located in China. The fact is China has given us many such products which became the talk of the town. The USP of this Chinese phone is its camera.

The feature boasts of a 360-degree camera with lenses on both sides of the handset. But with a large camera comes a high price! No, not literally, we’re talking about the price you have to pay to sacrifice your comfort. Surely, you cannot sit comfortably with this large piece of a phone in your back pocket. It also has a very tall body which means it will peep out of your front pocket. Carrying it around like a regular smartphone might not be possible.

Darling Smartphone – World’s First “VR” phone

No, it’s not that it will fit into the VR headset – we haven’t tested it yet. But this phone captures media 360 degrees. This means it is the device that will capture the sequences you want to view in your VR devices. The phone may be in its initial stages because of which it is still not ergonomic. But with the passage of time, this device surely will become smaller and more portable.

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For now, the 13MPs camera is fisheye lens is situated on the top bezel of this 5.5inch full-HD mobile phone. It features a large deca-core Helio X20 MT6797 processor clocked at 2.5GHz and is powered by a 4GB RAM. It seems like the only place they have compromised on is the Android update. The phone still runs on 6.0 Marshmallow.

Darling Smartphone – Competitive Prices and Specs

The phone boasts of 64GB internal storage and a 3450 mAh battery. There are headphone jacks and fingerprint sensors near the home button, but they are additional specifications. With such superb features, the price has to be somewhere close to $500 (according to Mashable), but we’re not sure where the pricing range is at present.

China Daily reported that the price is around $600 for the lower variant. But our guess is that the high-end Diamond studded phone would cost somewhere around $1300.

If you are looking for an eye-catching handset, Darling Smartphone should be your first choice. It is also a good enough phone for gift purposes.

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