Dedicated Mobile Video App For Kids Launched By NexGTv!

After VOOT and NetFlix put in so much emphasis on content for kids and had a separate section which was dedicated to them specially, nexGTv has come up with a subscription-led video entertainment application from DigiVive services and a dedicated app which is termed nexGTv Kids app.

The company makes claims that this is the 1st kids’s video and infotainment application through which young viewers globally will immerse themselves in delightful characters and wonderful stories.

It can be downloaded through Apple iTunes and Google Play Store around 140 countries. This application would help children between the years 2-10 to access entertaining and educative video content. Kids would also get access to educating and informative videos that would feature house clay art tutorials, popular nursery rhymes and experiment videos. This would help in taking care of the holistic learning. Moreover, with the Live Tv section, kids get an access to Pogo and Cartoon Network channels.

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COO of nexGTv, Abhesh Verma had stated that “We are excited to present the ‘only for kids’ platform, nexGTv Kids. We have handpicked the content that entertains, educates and encourages kids to learn, teaching them skills of crafts, origami etc. Kids can enjoy their favourite shows in a safe, uninterrupted, no-ads environment. We are also planning to introduce new high-quality original content with familiar characters.”

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