DeepCoder: A Microsoft AI That Steals Codes To Make New Ones

Ever since the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) man was cautious. Are our jobs at a direct threat of being taken over by AI in future? It seems like Microsoft has already paved the way. They have developed a neural network called DeepCoder which can write programs.

This neural network does not have the knowledge of coding, yet it can easily write programs. This is not surprising because AI has taught itself to create its own encryption. It was only a matter of time before it could write its own code.

How DeepCoder works

The vision is that humans will give the AI an idea and DeepCoder will automatically write the code. All of this will happen within seconds and without any human errors involving. This is much faster, easier and cheaper option. But the best implication is that it will allow anyone with an idea to start an online business.

DeepCoder also has a great memory which allows it to remember the code it used last time. It can access all the records within seconds. Since it is an AI, it doesn’t have any limitations to its work capability. It will scour through the source code databases and put together a program. It will take days and months for the coder to do the same.

Does this mean programmers will lose jobs?

Of course, you’d think that. But Armando Solar-Lezama, a professor at MIT thinks otherwise. He believes that developers could move on to write complex codes. And the AI could take care of simpler codes.

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“All of a sudden people could be so much more productive. They could build systems that it [would be] impossible to build before,” he told Newscientist.

This line of thought could have stemmed because of limitations in DeepCoder. At present, it can work out only the primary few lines of programming. As days pass, the AI could handle complex programs too.

“Generating a really big piece of code in one shot is hard, and potentially unrealistic,” he said. “But really big pieces of code are built by putting together lots of little pieces of code.”

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DeepCoder cheats

DeepCoder’s nature of work right now is very basic. It engages in a method called program synthesis. It refers to the stealing of codes from unfinished software. This method is used by low-level coders as well because it is efficient and time-saving.

It is one of the limitations of DeepCoder. Since it can only solve basic problems right now. This means it can write five lines of codes at a time. But, this is where it all begins.

Slowly, each profession will have to adjust with the interference of AI. For the accountant, the AI will learn how to track the entries. For a coder, the AI will learn to solve basic coding problems. The only way to ensure that you exist is to keep learning new skills. The real competition is with an AI.

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