Dell Will Soon Offer Dell XPS 13 Convertible Laptops

Dell is one of the most popular brands when it comes to developing computers. In recent years, the company has made quite a few brilliant innovations. Once again the company has come up with an excellent gadget. It is called the 2 in 1 version of Dell XPS 13 laptop. We all know that the XPS 13 laptop from Dell got a solid fan following.

It got an excellent fusion of portability, speed, and functionality. Also, the XPS 13 previous version came with a brilliant display. The new 2 in 1 version looks like a conventional laptop, but it is much better than the Lenovo Yoga series or even the HP Spectre X360. So if you are looking for a tablet come laptop with high functionality and specs, the Dell XPS 13 in 1 is the best option.

The specs of Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Some of the reports are not happy about the way Dell is thinking to manufacture the XPS 13 laptop. The reports from Windows Central say that the XPS 13 2 in 1 is not something new than the previous version. There are very fewer modifications apart from the name and display features. Yes, this one is portable.

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The display features are reworked to add the folding functionality to make it work as a tab. And if there is no addition to the specs, then this one will also come with 7th Gen Core processor. It will also have the integrated graphics feature, the solid state drives and a lot of USB ports like Dell have in its laptops.

Release date and price of Dell XPS 13 laptop

Speaking of the release dates and price, there are no significant clues about when it will release and its price. But we have observed previously that Dell favors the release of its new devices in CES. So we are hoping that this year’s CES 2017 might see the launch of 2 in 1 Dell XPS 13. Some of the users are assuming that the price will be more than $800 considering Dell’s starter model of XPS. It is an ideal Netflix viewing machine, and obviously, you have to pay a premium price.

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