Destiny 2 Trailer Reveals This And We’re Not Surprised

It’s here folks! Destiny 2 trailer has finally released. Those of you who have not played the first game might be confused. But we have tried to break it down for you. Some of the essential elements needed to be covered as well.

Destiny 2 – Traveler

First of all the giant flying orb on fire, you see there is The Traveler (or what is left of it after the first part of the game). The arrival of this floating orb triggered the Golden age of technological advancement on the planet. After that, there was an absolute disaster because aliens got angry on us and attempted to wipe out humanity. It is The Traveler who tried sacrificed itself to protect humanity. There’s some dispute because some believe that it sought to bail on us and was stopped by Rasputin, the protector of the Solar System.

Second Part – Agent of the Nine

So after a deadly attack from the Cabal race, The Traveler is in worse shape than before. The blue bald dude in the middle is Commander Zavala. He is the Vanguard leader of the Titans. The guy in the hood looks like Xur, the Agent of the Nine. He is better known as “the tentacle-faced bastard” among Vanilla players because he refuses to give the most wanted Exotic items to the players during his visits.

New Enemy and Awoken of the Reef

In another part of the trailer, we see a Guardian wearing the Queen’s Insignia (see on the far left). This signifies that even though Mara Sova isn’t there, the Awoken of the Reef shall come back in Destiny 2. There are others on the scene, one of which is an Exo. The Exo is a race of sentient machines that The Travelers’ science made possible. Then there is Cayde-6 – Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame is giving his voice to Cayde-6. To his left we see Ikora Rey; this confirms that the three mentors managed to survive the Cabal’s attack.

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Then at the end, we see huge shielded enemies of the Cabal. They are the Red Legion. Of course, their shield has got an upgrade since the last time. This time they have come up with something that might help you fight better. But don’t bank on it! They might emit some projectile. So they can be a bigger tassel.

Complete New Start off

We have a new enemy type introduced for this game. It could be anything from a new unit to a raid boss. Also if you think the color is a coincidence, then you are wrong. The color indicates that it is a natural Cabal enemy. So at the end of the day, this is all you get.

Destiny 2 is going to be a complete changeover from the previous games. Only the players’ appearance is going to be carried forward. The rest is going to change. The Cabal destroyed the tower and therefore the Guardians’ storage vault. So this is a good way to explain the lack of ammo. So those who have not touched the game yet will find a good way to start it off as well.

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