Disappointed Uber And Ola Drivers Unite To Create Their Own App

Well, you cannot deny that Ola and Uber are the most used transports in almost every city in India. It causes problems too. For instance, sometimes, the livelihoods of other transportation mediums are hampered. The auto-rickshaws and private taxis face a lot of chaos with the Uber and Ola drivers.

In Bengaluru, the government transportation department and cab aggregation platforms like Uber and Ola were involved in a brawl for quite some time. The situation created problems for the regular cab drivers to make a proper livelihood. Thus, the taxi drivers united together to set up their app. The app will connect them directly to customers.

Funding for the new app

It is a good idea. If the drivers can have one separate app to contact customers, they will no longer have to fight for passengers. Tanveer Pasha, the head of drivers association discussed this plan with ex-CM HD Kumaraswamy on 1st March.

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Kumaraswamy agreed to fund this initiative. He also promised to help the drivers union to hire engineers in developing and testing the app. The core committee consists the heads of different driver’s union. More than 8000 cab drivers agreed to this idea. They are already looking for an office space and hiring personnel for the customer service team.

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A rising competition for Ola and Uber

The team is also working closely to bring more and more drivers on board. The ex-CM Kumaraswamy also urged them to be the master of their own. Well, we can also call this yet another “Make in India” attempt. It’s great to see the hardworking drivers taking the initiative of developing their own. We will get competitive transport services and who knows, it might be better than Uber or Ola cabs.

Apart from the struggle for customers, drivers also faced a crisis of income, long working hours and high commission rates. The strike mostly affected metro cities and the prices of cab fares are back to normal now. The strike is still on, and the team is working to get as much support as possible. Let’s see what the new app brings to us.

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