Disney VR App: An App that Lets you Feel Sensations

Disney Research has built a 360-degree VR App (Virtual Reality Application) with an exclusive chair to give full body sensations. It allows the user to add modifiable “feel effects” like a downpour or a beating heart.

Ali Israr, the senior research engineer at Disney Research, Pittsburgh in the US; claimed that the Virtual Reality had seen revitalization in recent years with progress in computer graphics in computing platforms. The infinite stream of data flowing between the hardware and software has clustered together in a potential way.

“Our team is working to make VR App haptic sensations just as productive as the 360-degree visual media now available,” he said. “Current VR systems provide ‘buzz-like’ haptic sensations through hand controllers. But technology exists for much richer feelings. Furthermore, we’ve created a framework that would enable users to select from a wide range of meaningful emotions. So, it can be adjusted to complement the visual scene and to play them through a variety of haptic feedback devices,” he added.

About Haptic Chair

VR App

Disney VR App Haptic Chair

The haptic or touch playback with authoring plug-in built by the researchers connect a Virtual Reality game apparatus to a customizable haptic device. It enables the users to create, customize and correlate a haptic response to the events set off in the Virtual Reality game engine.

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The haptic definition application called VR360HD was built and examined using an end user headset and a Disney Research haptic chair. The chair brings with it a grid that has a set of six vibrotactile actuators in its back. Also, it has two subwoofers or shakers in the seat and the back.

This grid creates localized moving ambiance in the back. While the subwoofers shake, two different regions of the body produce a feeling of motion. The End Users were able to pick from the library of feel effects. Also, this library is brought together and tested by the Disney Research.

These effects of feelings are recognized with some standard terms like rain, pulsing, rumbling, etc. It also can be adjusted in such a way that the people can differentiate between the terms. For instance, the user can distinguish between a mild sprinkle and torrential rains.

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