E3 Video Game Expo Is Finally Set Open For Public

The E3, aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is one of the biggest video game expos in the world. It was always close to the public. You can also call it as the Mecca of gaming. The E3 was not open for public until last year. But this year, for the first time, California gaming dream will open it for public.

According to reports, you can have full access to Electronic Entertainment Expo if you buy 3 day tickets for the event. The show will sell 15000 full access tickets, and it starts from 13th Feb and ends on 15th Feb.

Ticket price for E3

Speaking of tickets for the show, the price seems to go up in a weird way. The first 1000 tickets will be sold at $150. After that, the ticket prices will be $250. The tickets selling starts this Monday 13t February from 9 AM. Well, we are currently not sure how long the ticket price will stay for $250. A huge number of people just dream of getting into E3, and it is pretty sure that the price will rise much more once the auction of tickets starts in sites like eBay.

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A major change this time

Apart from the prices, the major question is, what will E3 be like when you reach there? Some chances are, opening E3 to the public might turn out to be completely different. The space in LA Convention Center where E3 is held every year, space is limited. The LA Convention Center can accommodate only 50000 candidates every year. And this number is filled only with the business people, press and a few guests.

Well, since E3 didn’t have to worry about the mobs of general attendees, the ESA could place exhibitors into narrower rows. It changes a lot of things than just a few people. It will alter the number of companies that will be there to showcase their innovations.

Speaking of the price, the tickets for Gamescom, a show in Cologne, which is quadruple the size of E3, offers tickets for 20 Euros, which is $20. The Tokyo Game show offers tickets at a price of 1200 yen, which is $10. Thus, the price of tickets seems to be too high. We will bring you more updates from E3 once the show goes live.

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