Elegant Drones, Establishing Drona Aviation

“COLOSSAL BRAINS WITH GUTSY VEINS,” That’s what makes an entrepreneur to decipher every messed up the lane. The company we are talking about is Drona Aviation.


Plethora of new mettlesome startups is sprouting with fresh ideas, ambitious goals and lucrative head spinning services. Be it in any sector, Such as Fashionable Fitness Trackers, Advanced ed tech and the astounding idea of home delivery of even Condoms! But are all startups blooming and achieving desired goals??


The despairing answer is NO!. Since most of the startups find it difficult to survive in the harsh business environment due to Lack of funding and Bottleneck competition, but this is not the case with Drona Aviation.

Drona Aviation

Drona Aviation Team

But few transpire their dreams into reality and their saga. That’s what three IITians namely APURVA GODBOLE, PRASANNA GOPAL SHEVARE and DINESH SAIN have proved by establishing DRONA AVIATION. Therefore, unveiling the world with the spectacular usage and importance of DRONES which was entirely unknown to us. Now Drona Aviation has made things easier to learn about drones than before.


Drona Aviation


Their vision is of designing and developing products and services in the Aerospace Domain and mainly focus on Aerial Cinematography, which is a captivating and lucrative business. Currently, Drona Aviation builds and customizes their Drones with features for safety and ease of use.

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Drona Aviation has to make a smart palm-sized microdrone DIY kit known as PLUTO. But the most captivating and impressive thing about DRONA is that they have not confined their knowledge with themselves. Rather they have immensely shared their awareness of these FLYING MACHINES in numerous workshops for students. Furthermore, Drone enthusiasts, which costs students Rs.1500 and includes a kit that required assembling to make it fly. In addition¬†to that, you need to plug in Drona’s motherboard and get training on How to use the controller app. For another Rs.5000 you can keep your new Swag machine with you. As a result, Drona Aviation has also attracted many premier institutes like American School Of Bombay, Euro Airoli in Mumbai and Navrachna International School in Vadodara where they were invited to run classes.


Company Name – Drona Aviation

Founder and CEO – Apurva Godbole

CTO – Prassana Gopal Shevare

COO – Dinesh Sain

Company Size – 1 TO 10 EMPLOYEES

Head Quarters – MUMBAI

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