Emotibot: Chinese Startup To Help Chatbots Understand Human Feelings

You just cannot deny that emotions are hard to express. And emotional intelligence is not easy to achieve. We, humans, face a tough time while expressing the feelings of another person. So we just cannot hope for robots to know about feelings. But this Chinese startup has made the impossible, a possible one. The startup is called Emotibot. This company creates applications. The apps make sure personal assistants, chatbots, and virtual customer care agents understand you. Having someone that respects your emotions is great. And this makes a lot of difference in the quality of service. So how is this startup company doing all this? We will find out in this article.

What features the present bots lack?

At the moment, the bots are pretty active. They can send you jokes offer health advice and do much more. But few bots have the capability to understand that you are not in a state of mind to listen to jokes. So when you are in need of a much more sympathetic response, Emotibot will make other bots aware of it. It is what Emotibot promises to its potential customers. It is creating chatbots with tact. Emotibot has the complete social decorum. And to achieve this, Emotibot uses inputs like text, audio, and visual signs through device camera. It can also use a combination of all the three functions based on what channels are available.

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What is Emotibot working at present?

Right now, the company is offering public facing apps. You can use these through WeChat on the Android devices. And check out what the emotional chatbots can do. The primary business of this startup is to offer custom solutions for clients. Any individual who is looking for chatbots aware of feelings can contact Emotibot. The company is targeting all sorts of platforms. Starting from messaging apps to smart speakers and also the connected cars. According to reports, Emotibot claims 95.63% accuracy while detecting emotions through visual cues. Well, localization is also important when it is about emotion detection. But the company believes that it has got the right engineering talent.

The company will soon launch the Emotibot applications. At present, we do not confirm the date of launch of the apps. Stay tuned to know more about the details of this startup. We will get back to you once again while we have more information about Emotibot.

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