Enjoy The New Basketball Game With Friends On Facebook Messenger

Recently we informed you about a strange chess game that you can with your friends on Facebook Messenger app. Now, there is one more game that allows you to challenge your friends.

Yes, it is a game in which you can throw maximum basketballs in the basket. The game isn’t a secret as it is a part of the update and is clear in the “What’s New” section of the App store. This game would show up in version 6.2.0 of this app on iOS and Android.

Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

How to Play The Messenger Basketball Game

For playing this game, all you have got to do is search for the Basketball Emoji on Facebook messenger and send it as a text message (or emoji) to the person with whom you wish to play. Then, after tapping the Basketball emoji icon, the game starts. This is a simple game where one needs to place the ball in various position. After that, all you need to do is swipe it towards to board for scoring points.

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As you would progress, the difficulty of the game would increase. After you score 10 points, the backboard would move horizontally across the screen and even faster after you score 20 points. It isn’t supportive of the landscape mode on Android. You can download the Facebook Messenger app from App Store or Google Play.

Facebook Inside Joke

It is not the first time Facebook introduced a mini game on Messenger. But most of these games are hidden from the public eyes for some reason. People are either too late to find them or do not find them at all. Very few people know about it. It’s like an inside joke Facebook shares that only its inside men know about.

Update: the Game isn’t any secret anymore. It has already had 300 million clocks already. It seems like people broke through the inside joke and made it into the inner circle of Facebook. One for the team, eh?

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