Mining made easy with ETF’s new MT-240


ETF is a large truck manufacturing company that has designed a special truck for mining. The MT-240 has a unique steering system specially supported for mining purposes. The truck is structured in such a way that it has capabilities of turning every of its wheels. This allows for each wheel virtually turn on a dime.

Innovating mining solutions

ETF mining equipment aim to bring mining standards to 21st century. This new technological innovation, resulting in an increase in mine output as it reduced costs per ton. Safety for the total mining operation and care for the environment.

MT-240 truck is an advancement in the mining part of an industry. Their unique appearance made a revolution in the field of mining. With the help of it, much more work is done for less time. No wonder they are created so big, and even nowadays they undergoing through many new enhancements.

MT-240 Truck’s turning angle can sometimes become a real problem for drivers, especially when it comes to operating a big truck in a small limited space. A person needs personalised skills to be able to control. These skills can be gained only through experience. MT-240 truck has 10 pairs of wheels, which are designed specially to have a particular angle so that the truck can be able to turn around 3600 circles.

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Moreover, the power of the engine is distributed in such a way  that it is gets divided equally in wheels. The wheels also have a really long suspension travel of 950 mm.

The ETF MT-240 truck has an innovative solution for maintenance and repair which ensures 95% of technical availability and provide the lowest cost per ton, 12% increased productivity, lower fuel coast and many more enormous environmental benefits. Every component of the truck is different from other trucks like the gearboxes, front and rear axles, suspensions, rims, tires , brakes and frames. The ETF company has specially developed an innovative solution for the frame of the truck that is Monorail frame. And another interesting feature of this truck is that it can be combined into trains, thus which helps in increasing payloads.

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