Facebook AI Training Servers Are Twice As Fast As Any Other Servers

Facebook announced a new server design today (8th March 2017). It is called the Big Basin. The Facebook AI training servers are the successor to one of the best artificial intelligence training systems. These have Nvidia-powered GPU servers. They are tied together into large training networks for AI software.

These enable Facebook products to make facial recognition and real-time text translation. The Facebook AI training servers will allow Facebook to understand the contents of videos and photos. Big Basin is capable of training models which are 30% larger than its previous version.

Capability of Facebook AI training servers

According to Facebook, it has the capacity of crunching through number sets by the AI system for improving itself. The standard neural network tests reveal the speed of Big Basis. It is twice as fast as its predecessor. Facebook is not at all looking to keep this new technology under the wraps.

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Instead, the company is looking for opportunities for advancement about what this Facebook AI training servers can do. It is not only about pushing the limits of technology. Facebook is among the few companies which look forward to investing in cutting-edge experimental AI research.

Facebook mobile will soon make this AI design open for sharing

Apart from this new Facebook AI training servers, the company is also pushing towards creating a live video and many other consumer-centric focuses. According to a technical programmer of Facebook, Kevin Lee, “If you log into Facebook, you are using some AI system we are developing.” AI software helps us in tagging someone, live streaming, and chatting.

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Facebook mobile participated in Open Compute Project for sharing and collaborating on data center hardware and software. Thus, anyone and everyone, even the server design specialists for the competing companies will also have access to Big Basin, and they can download it. Facebook will soon post the schematics online. They are planning to make the server design open to the public very soon.

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The company can make a good social impact with the AI research. A major function of the current AI algorithm of Facebook is “describing contents of photos to blind users.” Last week Facebook announced, it will use AI technology to help people who are in need of mental health support.

The company will implement this AI support in Facebook mobile and Facebook app. Kudos to Facebook! All these are possible because the enterprise is interested in developing faster AI servers and train them.

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