Facebook Censorship Tool To Enter China Market

We all know how strict rules and regulations China has. Especially when it comes to human rights, China does not seem to bother too much about that. But Facebook is not going to leave out any stones unturned to get into China. Facebook launched the censorship tool so that it can hide posts. And this tool will prevent the prohibited topics from the reach of people in China. According to The New York Times, Facebook is not focusing on banning posts in China. Instead, it is launching a Facebook censorship tool to a third party in China. This third party is a local partner company. It will use the tool for preventing users in China to see prohibited posts.

Facebook took these precautions

Well, China can add immense revenue for Facebook. This tool is beneficial for enacting the human rights abuse. If China can track people trying to protest against a government, they will get punished. And this is why, the Facebook staffs who worked on the censorship tool, have left the company. There is no trail that Facebook has offered the tool to the Chinese. It is one of the several ideas that Facebook is using to get access to the Chinese market. But at the same time, this is also a huge risk. This Facebook censorship tool is bringing up strong concerns what will be the best and safest for the people of China.

Here is what Mark Zuckerberg has to say

In the reports of The New York Times, Mark Zuckerberg got a question about the Facebook censorship tool. And his response was “It is better for Facebook to at least enable conversation even if a full discussion opportunity is not possible.” The idea is to offer limited access to Facebook for the users of China. It is better than having no access at all. At present, Facebook is already allowing Chinese companies for buying ads. And these ads run in places where it is not banned.

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According to Facebook spokesperson

A Facebook spokesperson told they aren’t interested in the Chinese market. Right now, Facebook is focusing more on understanding and learning about the country. The decision to approach China with the censorship tool has is not final yet. At present, they are focusing on helping the Chinese business and developers. So that, they can expand the new markets outside China. But it is sure, this interpersonal connection through Facebook can take a different shape. The Facebook censorship tool can strengthen communities organizing protests against the government apart from Facebook.

Challenge for Facebook censorship tool

Facebook will get a serious challenge to make a place in China’s amicable media system. The tool is marked as “China’s Facebook.” SoftBank in China prepared to invest in this tool a long time ago in 2011. Even if Facebook makes it way to the Chinese market, it will face intense competition. Wechat, another messaging app is already prevalent in China. It has 846 million users monthly. And this is not just a messaging app. It includes a mini Facebook-style timeline, moments; people can bond with accounts like Facebook. It also includes a pay system, shopping system, and appointment. So Facebook might have no importance at all.

Scope of Chinese market for Facebook

If we have a quick look, in China, the extent of a western market is small. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had to sell his company’s China business counterpart to Didi. Didi is a cab system in China. Now, the users who want to bond with friends and family through Facebook in China needs to use a VPN. It is what Facebook’s ad buying estimate says. An amicable network has a usage from 2.1 million users in China. Whereas, there are 710 million active internet users. It proves how tough it can be for Facebook to reach out the Chinese market with the censorship tool.

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