Facebook Is Copying “Discover” Feature Of Snapchat

The biggest social media giant, Facebook is copying Snapchat. Yes, that is true. Facebook is going to copy the “Discover” feature of Snapchat. And this is the new feature that Facebook will bring as an update. The feature will go live in your news feed. Facebook renamed this new feature as “Collections.” It will function as the “Discover” feature of Snapchat. It will showcase news, stories, videos, photos and other contents from social media partners. Facebook has already started approaching social media platforms and companies to contribute curated content. And it will be displayed in the News Feed of the user. A time frame is not yet available when the feature will be rolled out.

Modified version of “Discover” feature in other apps

For those who do not know about the Snapchat feature, it is just a news feed. It is refreshed daily. The content present in Snapchat “Discover” feature has advertisements placed within it. Most of them are the video ads. The other social media organizations that use Discover feature of Snapchat are CNN, National Geographic, People Magazine, Daily Mail, MTV, and Mashable. Twitter too has the same feature called “Moments.” This feature allows selected partners to curate stories on different topics. These include news, sports, and entertainment.

Facebook’s plan to prevent fake news

At present, Facebook is facing backlash over the false news issue on social media site. And this has increased after the US elections. One of the logical ways to end this false story possibility is taking the help of social media partners. They will only push the curated content on the site. Facebook already has more than 140 media companies and celebs for the Facebook Live. There is a high chance that this will be merged along with “Collections” feature. According to reports of Indian Express, it is unclear if there will be ads in “Collections.” But few and verified publishers will submit it. For Facebook, the “Trending Tab” was not a huge success. And the main reason is it has got too many fake stories in the “trending” section. And this has raised criticism for both Facebook and the company related to false news.

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A back step for Snapchat

Fortune Magazine tells us that Facebook can do many experiments with new services. But it can also change its mind in an instant. So there are chances that the “Collections” feature will not be a reality. Snapchat changed the terms of its deal with its media partners. Reports from different publishers say that the content levels have dropped off. And if Facebook releases the “Collections” feature, it is going to kill two birds at the same time. It will make the media partners even more reliant on the Facebook news feed. And it will also mitigate some criticism that the company is getting about “Fake News.”

A back step for Facebook too

A lot of people believe that the inclusion of fake articles took a toll on the US elections. And this might lead the votes for Trump. At first, Mark Zuckerberg said that the percentage of false news was less. And he also called the concept of FB drove elections as “crazy.” But he is focused on forming methods to detect fake news. The Collections feature will be a way for creating approved and verified content. But this issue would make Facebook nothing more than an information gatekeeper. But the truth is Facebook already chooses and filters which media outlets to let pass. They use an algorithmic filter. So those who participated in Collections would also be favored in News Feed.

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