Facebook Finding Ways To Stop The Annoying Photo-Tag Option

So, finally, Facebook figures out a way to save you from being tagged in useless photos with hundreds of others. Yes, we know this is a big relief for a lot of you. When a person tags you in useless photos with hundred other people, it is nothing else than a waste of time and energy.

Maybe not for that person, but obviously for you! Facebook has finally taken a patent for creating a way that will stop the annoying photo-tag spam. The useless tagging is not only limited to our friends or family. Some advertising campaigns do the same thing of tagging you and hundreds of others just to so you check the notification and their ad views increase.

Red flag for spam

The “tag yourself” info graphic is of little or no interest to you. It is pretty annoying and clogs your news feed. In a patent published this week, the social media giant has got a potential way to tackle the photo-tag spam. It will prevent the photo-tag spam by analysing whether the tags are legitimate or not. The system can take a look at whether the picture was taken up by “natively” or it was just uploaded to a computer, or it is just uploaded for social relationships between the tagged users.

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The users with nothing in common with each other, if they get tagged, they can red flag for spam. It can also check the true faces are in the photo because the spam advert tagged with a lot of people will not include. No, when the system detects an illegitimate photo, what will it do then? It has two options.

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How will Facebook prevent photo-tag spam?

The first option is to allow the upload and then “suppress” the images so that it will not appear on the newsfeed of the users. The second option is to take the nuclear option that will not allow the photo to upload. There is also another alternative. It will block the notifications. So even if you are tagged, it will not clog up your notifications with photo-tag spam. In any of the three approaches, you will have a better Facebook experience.

Spam is a serious problem for Facebook. And this is not the first time that the social network giant has decided to fight it. In a previous patent, we already mentioned how Facebook is planning to take down fake news. For instance, if a Facebook page was using the Ray-Ban logo without any permission, to sell goggles, then the system will take it down. It is also true that Facebook has just applied for the patent. So this does not mean shortly, they will implement it. A lot of companies apply for hundreds of patents every year so that they can trip the competitors. Let’s see how Facebook uses this license.

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