Facebook Groups Will Have A New Screening Process

Facebook groups are one of the most important features of Facebook. I bet every Facebook user is in a group of this social media platform. Facebook groups offer a place to discuss things with mutual or common friends. It already allows you to segregate certain people among your enormous number of friends in Facebook. That being said, Facebook groups will also get a new screening feature through a questionnaire.

The groups in Facebook has a lot of advantages like creating plans, trips, discussing everyday things and lot more. But these groups often get requests from people who want to spread spam. The new questionnaire will help Facebook group admins to screen new members before they are allowed to join the group.

With the new feature, it will let the admins filter people through three different questions. The questions will not be very tricky one. The member, who wants to join the group, will answer the questions. Depending on the replies, the admin can decide whether he intends to allow that person in the group.

Why is such a screening process necessary for Facebook groups?

The reason is, a lot of Facebook groups are created with a particular objective and passion. For those groups, the admins have a certain criterion, and they also need to know whether the person is interested in contributing something constructive for the group. The questionnaire offers a chance to establish an open-ended conversation to review and approve the member’s request. This will provide a less time-consuming process for the group admins to screen out the members.

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If you are the admin of a group and you have to deal with similar issues, then you can find the option of asking questions. You go to the setting of Facebook groups and then you will find a section called, “Ask Pending Members Questions.” You can create your own three questions there. The answers are limited to 250 characters only.

Those who want for permission to join the group will face the questions right away. They are visible to the moderators and the group admins only. They are not posted in the group. So the group admins will face less trouble to deal with spammers and trolls on a group.

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