Facebook In-App Camera For Custom Profile Frames

Facebook has come up with yet another feature for its users. Now you can customize the videos and photos directly within the App. And this is just the declaration of open competition with Snapchat. Facebook launched a new tool that will let users create custom profile frames. Even the Facebook page owners can create custom profile frames. The feature is called Facebook in-app camera. It can be used in both photos and videos. At present, it is available in the market for a test. The camera effects are nothing new to the smartphones. But Facebook opened the profile frame creation to all.

How to use Facebook in-app camera

With this app, you won’t need any extra technical skills. All you need is a few graphic designing skills. Anyone can create frames and then submit the frames for others to use. The frames can support teams, causes, events, business or anything that you want. To create the frame, you have to create your design in software. Then save it in a PNG file with transparent background. Then you can upload the frame where you can check out different sizes. You can also add other details too. And finally, you have to submit it for approval.

Strict policies

The Facebook in-app camera frame must adhere to the policies and terms to go live. This authorization process is there so no one can launch offensive or illegal content. Also, the company has the right to put down any frame retroactively. In case it is discovered later that they violate Facebook policies. But unfortunately, Facebook in-app camera frame feature is not available in the US. Instead, it will launch in Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico, Ireland and the UK. And this is because these are the regions where most people use profile frames.

Different types of camera frames

At present, most of the frames are in sports. There are popular sports frames like NFL, NHL, college sports and more. The US population is not a huge user of frames like other markets. But the frames will go beyond sports and major events will change it. Ireland was selected as the launch area because it is also a part of Facebook in-app camera test market. Well, this app is like the Snapchat. It comes with animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, geo filters, Prisma style art and few more reactive filters. Ireland is the only market that can access this camera. The feature is in test in Canada, and Brazil during the Olympics.

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The geo-filtered frames for custom profile

With camera effects platform available, Ireland will also have access to some extra features. It includes the ability to track the frame usage. The users can create frames that can appear on Facebook in-app camera. They can see them appearing in the News feed like other markets. Ireland can also create the location frames. It will represent a given locale, an individual neighborhood, city or a particular landmark. You can use them in Photos and videos shared in the in-app camera. These are called geo-filtered frames. And these frames will only pop up in the camera once you are in that location. If you are in a restaurant, you will see the option of adding frames that the restaurant’s owner created. You can see many frames in the same way when you are in that location. And there are frames by another person.

Competition with Snapchat

Now, Snapchat is already offering the option to create your geo-filters. And Facebook made the same move with the Facebook in-app camera. It needed to create its in-app camera to compete with Snapchat. And it can build every filter or lens that people want. Facebook stated it would focus on improvements for this app before it rolls worldwide. The company also said that the US could use the Facebook in-app camera feature. But it did not mention any specific date when it will launch in the US.

Minor issue

Facebook has got minimal templates. You have to create your own. Facebooks need a lot of templates. Or else you have to download them and then create/design your frames. And then upload it to match the frame of your photo.

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