Facebook Messenger Launches An AI Based Assistant Called M

Well, for those who are the fan of James Bond movies, they are well aware of M, who used to secretly assist James Bond in his every adventure. The difference is in the case of James Bond movies, M was a human and for Facebook, the M is an AI based assistant. Facebook messenger gets an AI based assistant called M.

So what’s new in this? Facebook is always looking to bring more and more updates and features for its users. A few days ago, Facebook created the photo-matching feature to prevent people from posting explicit images of a user without his/her consent.

The M AI assistant is available for the US users till now. It adds a lot of features to the Facebook Messenger users. For instance, it will pop up and suggest different actions within the chat window. Facebook calls it as the “concierge-like” service for the messenger app.

According to Facebook VP David Marcus, at present, M is offering help to users with only suggestions. You can call it as the first step to competing with Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and Cortana. The Facebook Messenger AI assistant M will get better with time. Till now, M can only help with suggestions during a conversation.

The features of Facebook Messenger AI Assistant M

M suggests the relevant actions help in managing a conversation. Also, Facebook is focusing on the power of AI technology to enhance the messenger experience. M can suggest you about sending stickers, the payments, your rides, and sharing location. For instance, M can recommend a particular sticker to make conversations funny.

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It will also suggest you about reminders depending on the conversation. It is also true since M relies on AI, it will get better the more you rely on M. The reason is, it will become easier for M to understand the user’s preferences. The iOS and Android users can use it.

Facebook has got their research lab for AI from 2015. They are planning to integrate M with Lyft and Uber for ride suggestions. Expanding M is a major step for a social networking platform in artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg already has got Jarvis, his personal AI for the family.

Now, Siri and Alexa can already offer ride suggestions on iPhones. What we are waiting to see is whether M can out run Siri and Alexa in the ride suggestions feature. You can also share live location to your friend. The messenger app now offers an option of muting notifications if you don’t want to receive them.

In comparison to Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri or Cortana, right now M is lagging behind. Its features are limited. It is not talking to users like the other assistants. But as Facebook said, they are working on it to offer better and more features to M.

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