Facebook Messenger May Get Snapchat Like Story Feature Soon

Well, this is not surprising. Facebook is conducting tests for a “story” feature. The feature is same as the one present in Snapchat for the mobile application on iOS and Android. Recently, Instagram also introduced its version of Story feature. It was a clone of the feature present in Snapchat.

Facebook also updated the privacy settings, and it is now easier to understand with more guidelines. The new feature will start showing on user accounts soon. Facebook already began testing in Ireland, and it will soon roll out the results in other countries.

Is Facebook “Story” feature same as Snapchat?

The new feature will work same as Instagram and Snapchat. The users will have the option of choosing to share images and videos which will disappear in 24 hours. The shared stories will not be there anymore on the user’s timeline. The viewers can reply to someone’s story through a direct message. You can add selfie filters to the videos and images in this feature. It is just like Instagram and Snapchat.

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The shared stories are placed at the top of the screen. To make it easier for the users there are privacy tools in this social media platform. Facebook has revamped the privacy basics to ensure important features are easy to find. Depending on the user’s feedback, information on confidentiality and account security is organized in such a way; you can understand it easily now.

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Improvement in privacy basics

According to the company, “Privacy Basics gives you tips for things like securing your account, understanding who can see posts and know what your profile looks like to others.” The privacy basics offer 32 interactive guides. It is available in 44 different languages for helping the users in understanding the security tools and features available for them. With the help of revamped Privacy Basics, it will help users to know who can see their post, any information on their profile, apps or anything else.

Facebook will conduct a test in Thailand and Australia that includes ads in Messenger. It is similar to the ones present in news feed. The way company shows birthday notifications, these advertisements from businesses will also show in the area below your recent conversations.

Users who are a part of this test, they can hide or report certain ads that they don’t think are appropriate. Facebook also changed the News Feed for surfacing more videos. In the new change, Facebook is looking to offer a “percent completion” to know which videos are more compelling for users. According to official statements from Facebook, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]No one will see an ad in a conversation without clicking on an ad experience on the Messenger home screen or start a conversation with a brand – these test ads won’t originate in your conversations.[/quotes] The social media company also announced it modified the system for showing trending topics to deliver news better.

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