Facebook Messenger Has Your Flight Boarding Pass!

Now, Facebook has announced a tie-up with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  So air travelers will receive each and every small information related to the travel on Messenger and this includes information regarding the boarding pass too.

How will Messenger help?

Once the ticket is booked online, you can opt to receive the information via the Messenger. After that, you will receive an itinerary, a boarding pass, as well as check-in confirmation, through the application.

With this digital boarding pass, you could get through the security on the flight. Passengers can also chat with KLM support staff inside the application.

In a Facebook post, David Marcus, leading the Messenger Team stated that he has always been personally eager for solving this problem for a while, removing the stress and complications from the air travel. KLM is the first airline partner of Facebook and it might go for other partners too.

KLM tie-up

In a blog post, Facebook explained this feature.  It stated that they are proud to announce this airline partner for Messenger. After this integration, you will receive the KLM flight confirmation message, you can access the KLM boarding pass, receive check-in reminders, access flight status updates. You can also get answers to your customer service questions. This would start rolling out today. You can widely access this feature all across the globe in coming weeks.

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The KLM spokesperson said that many airlines try to push the passengers to use their own apps. However, most passengers are not eager to use additional apps. This was mostly true if they were on Wi-Fi and wanted to save battery for the coming few hours inside the flight. They said that they do have a website which users can visit. But most of them were on chat apps and messenger when boarding flights. This is one of the reasons that they chose this platform for this service. Check out this service here.


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