Facebook Reactions Might Add “Dislike” Reaction In Messenger

A year ago we got the Facebook reactions where we could share our feelings regarding a post. But one button was missing. It was the dislike button. Facebook app is testing the dislike button with a thumb down emoji. The emoji is not yet available for posts or news. Facebook mobile is testing the reaction for messenger app.

So how will the Facebook reactions in messenger work? When you weave through a chat thread, you can tap on the three dots placed beside every comment. In this way, you can reply to a message in the comment thread. Everyone will see the reaction below that specific message.

Why Facebook reactions won’t include dislike button for posts?

Facebook reactions are always engaging and fun to add. It is a small test. It will help people to share thoughts that they think is right for the particular message. Not everyone has access to this feature in the Facebook app or Facebook mobile. If people enjoy it, then this function shall roll out very soon.

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The messenger reactions feature will differ from the news feed Facebook reactions. The reason is, messenger reactions have the dislike button. It the most requested feature in Facebook, but the company does not want to include too much negativity.

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How is the new feature useful?

A lot of people use messenger as their daily chatting and messaging app. It is an attempt to check out if the reactions are helpful for quick voting. These Emojis for specific comment is perfect for quick group chats and replies. There are high chances this feature will make a strong addition to the Facebook reactions collection in Facebook app.

It might also be useful for interacting with the chatbots. If Facebook mobile or Facebook app can make messenger more convenient, it can compete with Snapchat or Line. The new addition of emojis for specific texts can offer users with the easiest way to keep them on Facebook. You can also check the number of reactions and count how many reactions the message got.

At present, the company is testing this feature with a small number of users on the web. If this update gets a positive response, then it will expand this feature to all the platforms including iPhone. Well, we have to wait and watch how the new addition in Facebook reactions performs for the Facebook Messenger app.

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