Facebook Is Working On A Video App For Apple TV

Facebook will soon create a brand new app known as the tvOS to bring the contents of Apple TV and advertising to the TV screens. Facebook was looking to develop a video-centric streaming app for a long time. The executives finally decided to put the plan into action last summer.

The app which will be probably named as tvOS for Apple TV is still under development. It is more focused on offering video content than what you get in present set-top box companies like Roku. Instead of allowing the users check out the photos and any other media, this app will only offer video content. The app will not have any “non-video content.”

A future mobile TV

The project name is not finalized yet, and this is the latest bid for the tech giant to gain a share of television advertising. We don’t have a confirm news on launch date. Facebook will take the next step with this video app, and soon the TV viewers will get this app. The internal preparations for a video app started in 2014. The employees already referred the social media platform as the future “mobile TV.”

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Facebook live-streaming services started as a part of native iOS app, and it proved to be a huge success. Millions of users opted for live stream since its launch. It is not clear if the tvOS service will also keep the Facebook Live content. A lot of media companies are contacting Facebook to offer the TV format original content to the viewers. It might start with scripted and unscripted shows suitable for set-top streaming.

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The work and concept of Apple TV

Well, it is clear that the ad money is in question here. The Facebook Live feature and initiatives of Apple TV, the tech giant, will try to grab a significant share of the time that people spend on watching live TV. One thing you can rest assured that Facebook is looking for a head on collision with established media entities like YouTube when the tvOS app comes into play. The concept of this TV App is, users will be able to find Facebook videos easily.

It is an excellent platform in which Facebook can sell ad space to companies. Reports say it will be a 100% video app. The company’s plan for TV apps is a part of Zuckerberg’s plan to create a Facebook Video first company. So an Apple TV app will offer another advertising stream for the social networking platform.

Facebook is looking to get original programs, and this will be a fierce competition with Amazon and Netflix. Apart from these, YouTube and Twitter also launched Apple TV apps for premium video content. The primary source of revenue for Facebook is ads on the News Feed. The company recently admitted it is becoming tough to integrate more ad products into user streams. And this is why Zuckerberg and company are looking to expand the platforms.

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