The Facial Recognition Of Apple iPhone 8 Can Be A Game Changer

Apple bought the Israeli start-up company called RealFace for Apple iPhone 8. The company specializes in facial recognition software and Cybersecurity. According to the reports of Times of Israel, the RealFace startup company was founded in 2014. Apple bought the company on $2 million.

At present, you will find the website of RealFace offline. The startup company developed software that “integrates with the artificial intelligence and brings the human perception in a digital process.” The software uses proprietary IP and “frictionless face recognition”.

It also allows rapid learning from the facial features. The startup company also prepared a defunct app called Pickeez. The app selects and collects the best photos of the user throughout the various platforms with RealFace software.

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The mind blowing features of Apple iPhone 8

According to the rumors for Apple iPhone 8, it will also ditch the touch ID and physical home button. They will replace them by facial recognition front facing 3D lens scanner. Apple acquired the RealFace startup company a bit late. There are very few chances that Apple will be able to implement the facial recognition in iPhone 8.

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Apple iPhone 8 is many months away from reality, so there are also possibilities that Apple iPhone 8 might have the facial recognition feature. The phone will come with an OLED display. It is sure. Some reports suggest that the Touch ID will be embedded in the screen. If Apple can add the facial recognition, it will add another level of security.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a new note on 21st February. It says Apple will enable the facial recognition feature on iPhone 8. In fact, Kuo also mentions this feature as just the tip of Iceberg. The Apple iPhone 8 is based on a revolutionary new front facing the camera and the infrared sensor model which scans the environment in front of it.

The 3D camera functionality is built on the technology that Apple gained after acquiring another Israeli firm Primesense. The front-facing 3D camera will also take 3D selfies. Now, these are impressive. If Apple can successfully implement all these features in the iPhone 8, it is going to be a mind-boggling device. There is no doubt about that. Let’s see what finally comes up from Apple Corp.

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