Fake Profiles On The Rise: Facebook’s Demographics Shows Weird Trend

Facebook’s statistics are already interesting. Two-thirds of the population of the world use Facebook today, and 94% of them use it on their mobile phones. The Next Web recently displayed a tongue-in-cheek analysis of fake profiles on Facebook.

The Gender Confusion

Apparently, 56% are male while 44% of the active users are female. But men are 27% more active on Facebook than women. Looking at the age group, it is clear that teenagers and youngsters still are the largest share. But if we are to look age group that takes the major share it would be 18-year-olds.

In India, we know that there is an abundance of fake profiles on Facebook. Usually, people come to female profiles and think they are only men. As a woman, I have been at the receiving end of such speculation more than once. Some would just not believe that it is a real female person at the other end of Facebook.

Facebook’s analysis shows the same trend

Apparently, there is a spike in the number of male and female users between age 18 and 21. Creating Fake Facebook profiles is not even uncommon. Recently a Class XII student in Allahabad got arrested for creating a fake profile of an SSP on Facebook.

Children of this age usually want to discover new things. Facebook does not have a special verification system which is why they can often get away with it. According to this infographic, 110% of Facebook’s 18-year-olds are men. It comes as no surprise than 1 in every 11 male profiles contains wrong information. Yes, it means that there are more men on Facebook than there are in the world.

The CNN reported in 2012 that nearly 83 million profiles on Facebook are dupes. Are they always malicious? It doesn’t seem so. In extreme cases, people have been reported to use fake profiles to harass people. However, most people create a second profile for their pets or to hide their identity.

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Who are these friend requests from?

You might have noticed a sudden trend of Facebook friend requests, from fake profiles. More often these people find you via some common place where you commented. Did you recently comment on any page? Did you like someone’s post or comment? Usually, that is where they fish for their target. Then some people create fake profiles only to get more promotional offers. Some people also use Facebook to display ads.

It is strictly advised against adding people with Fake profiles. They can use your personal profile information against you. Then some scammers ask for some money usually after an interaction.

At present, there are about 14.3 million accounts on Facebook that are used for spamming. According to Facebook, the number of duplicate accounts is higher in developing countries. Australia and the US have relatively low cases of spam or duplicate accounts.

Facebook Action Against Fake Profiles

The facts and figures are on the rise despite Facebook using strict measures to discard. If Facebook finds out the profile created is a fake and duplicate one, it disables it. All the information related to the profile vanishes. The profile owner cannot access their photos, videos, and posts. However, the event of that occurring is a rare one. Facebook does not want to harm its growing user base. But if by chance Facebook does close your account, you cannot create another one. Facebook shall notify you if it deems you worthy of creating another one.

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If you find a Fake profile on Facebook, this is how you can report it –

  • Go to the profile
  • Click on the cover picture and press “report.”
  • Now follow the instructions laid onscreen to report the profile.
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