FBI Successfully Hacks Into Much Disputed iPhone And Spills Water Over It

The Department of Justice has withdrawn its order about asking Apple to help FBI to retrieve data from an IPhone. One of the San Bernardino Shooter on Monday 28th March, 16 used this phone, as per claims.

According to reports from Department of Justice, it withdrew its order because FBI was able to access all data without Apple’s help.

Last week, the case’s Hearing got delayed because FBI had claimed that it has found a “third-party” who could access Shooter Syed’s iPhone. They meant that they no longer needed Apple’s help. And recent news indicates that FBI was successful.

“The FBI has now successfully retrieved the data stored on the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple required by the Court Order,” said Department of Justice in its statement.

Apple iPhone vs. FBI

It seems that the long row between FBI and Apple has come to an end. The entire row ignited when the court ordered Apple to help FBI to bypass unlock screen of IPhone. This dispute became public after Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, posted an Open letter on his site.

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The FBI wanted Apple to help them to write software that would help them decrypt the iPhone’s data and enable them to try as many possible passwords required without formatting the phone.

Here is the government’s updated status report – [highlight]Vacate-Apple-FBI[/highlight]

Interestingly, FBI somehow spilled a glass of water on the unlocked IPhone, while celebrating the success of unlocking the phone and made it non-functional as reported by FBI spokesperson on Tuesday 29th March, 16.

Bureau spokesman Harland Dorrinson regretted about the damage of phone and called it “one of the biggest embarrassment in F.B.I history.”

Meanwhile, mocking FBI, Tim Cook has offered to replace the damaged iPhone with a new one that too at a price of only $200.

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