Finally, iPhone 8 Design Confirmed From Double Leaks

Well, if you have a look at our previous articles, we came across a lot of leaks and tweaks when it comes to iPhone 8. Among so many leaks about the new iPhone, finally looks like Apple iPhone 8 design is confirmed now. Apple will bring a change in the displays for the new iPhone 8. From the time of Apple iPhone 7, there were rumours that Apple might bring the OLED display for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. So what do these two sources have to say about the new iPhone 8 design?

Here is what the two sources say about iPhone 8 design

The first source is Nikkei. It is one of the most popular and reliable sources when it comes to information about Apple iPhones. The Japanese publication says Apple will a slight curve to the iPhone 8 design. But this design is not same as the “Edge” design of Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. iPhone 8 will come with a curved display. It is gentler than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices. The curved display will offer a viewable area of 5.2 inches. It will make the iPhone 8 look sleeker.

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The second source is MacRumors. It also agrees with Nikkei. MacRumors confirmed that iPhone 8 design includes a display which is slightly curved at edges below the 2.5D cover glass. It means, there is no curved screen. In the 5.8 inches OLED panel, it will come with a slightly curved display on both left and right edges to adjust with 2.5D glass.

The initial confusion about heavily curved iPhone 8 display was because Apple tested multiple prototypes. The company finally decided to scale back to the original design. Well, this news will disappoint a lot of individuals who were hoping that Apple will drastically change the iPhone 8 design.

It is true that a heavily curved display will look brilliant. But it will compromise the structural integrity and increase accidental touches. In fact, Samsung Galaxy S8 will also reduce the curvature for the same reasons. So, let’s see what Apple finally brings for the iPhone 8. Don’t lose hope, Apple still might switch sides, but this time, chances are very less.

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